Prophetic Word + Teaching: Ministers are sadly Falling Away with no Wisdom but Foolishness!


Video Link: Prophetic Word + Teaching: Ministers are sadly Falling Away with no Wisdom but Foolishness!

Blessings Brothers and Sisters!

People of God, this is a prophetic word and a teaching. One of the things that the Lord was speaking to me about as I’ve been watching and observing and just listening. He said, Shaneika, I extended my grace and mercy previously, but foolishness will not successfully prosper this time around. And then he said it again. God said I extended my grace and mercy previously, but I will not tolerate much foolishness this time around.

Now, guys, let me be clear. This discussion is not about name calling or coming at anybody from a spirit of judgment or condemnation. Why? Because we all have done or said something foolish. All of us have been involved in some sort of foolishness at some point in time in our lives, right? We all have fallen short of the glory of God. Amen. But on the flip side, we must also understand that even though the word fool is not meant to be a personal insult or a derogatory term as a lot of people these days like to use it for, the Bible does speak about fools in the book of Proverbs, in the book of Ecclesiastes the book of Matthew, the book of Psalm, different areas. And they indicate that foolishness is a descriptor of the spiritual posture of a person, the spiritual reality of a person who lacks wisdom.

And the reason why I came on to talk about this with you is because as I said earlier, it’s a concern in the heart of the father. And it’s my duty to speak about it. People of God, I don’t know about you, but there has been a lot of foolishness going on in my own personal life. Also in my work environment, my work environment is the social media platform, as well as just in the world in general, praise God. We live in a world today where evil is called good and good is called evil. We live in a day and time where wisdom is called foolishness and foolishness is called wisdom. And as a result, people are being lied to, God’s sheep are being led astray. These false prophets are being seen as ministers of God. And no one is willing to be taught because they already think that they are wise in all things. But people of God, the Bible says otherwise, when it comes to wisdom, I learned that. If we look at our brother Solomon, he was considered to be one of the wisest of his time. But even as Solomon was considered to be wise, the Bible also says that Solomon made foolish choices in his life.

And for this reason, the holy spirit led him to teach us in the book of Proverbs, that it is always wise to seek all wisdom from the holy scriptures. Why? Because we as human beings lack knowledge in different areas of our lives. And as a result, there will always be something that we could learn from the word of God so that we can continuously grow in wisdom. Does that make sense? So with all that being said, here’s the prophetic word. God wants us to know that the lack of seeking his wisdom will be the downfall of many people. The Lord says foolishness will hardly be tolerated because God says that anyone that loves him will also love his wisdom. They will also seek his wisdom. The Lord says now is the time for all of us to put aside folly, put aside foolishness, put aside drama, put aside chaos and make a decision to grow in wisdom so that we are not left behind. Praise God, so that we do not lose sight of what is important to God, which is to advance his kingdom, which is to gather souls. So the first thing that the Lord is saying here, God says, fools despise his wisdom. How do we know that?

Because the Bible talks about the difference between right and wrong and the difference between a fool and those who love wisdom. Those who fear God learn wisdom but fools hate understanding. The book of Proverbs chapter one, verse seven. It says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. That is a characteristic, a foolishness. Another characteristic the Lord highlighted. God said a fool will want to create strife, create adversity for other people, for people around them, or even themselves. God says a person that seeks his wisdom will endure. They will suffer trouble. They will suffer hardship in this life and they will tend to avoid needless trouble that fools create for themselves and for others. Because the Bible says that evil pursuit of sinners, but to the righteous good shall be repaid. A person that seeks the wisdom of God, a person that is in righteousness will not follow up with foolishness. They will not follow up with things that are not truthful about themselves or about their situations. But instead, they will suffer the trouble because they know that God is the one that will vindicate them in their situations.

The Bible says vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord and I shall repay. The righteous, the one that seeks the wisdom of God will manifest the fruit of the spirit. And as a result, their lives will bless others. We find that in Galatians chapter five, “but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance against such there is no law”. The such there is no law is the foolish person. The person that inherently decides to lead people astray, the person that inherently makes decisions that are not of God. They put themselves in dangerous situations just to try to prove themselves to be wise. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, chapter seven, verse 17, “Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish. Why shalt thou die before thy time”. So in this instance, a fool that creates strife and adversity in an environment is a danger not only to people but to him or herself as well. In another characteristic that the Lord showed me, he said, Shaneika a foolish person, tends to have a sort of complacency about themselves. And the reason why a fool has complacency about themselves is because they don’t fear God.

When I say complacency, what does that mean? That means that you just do what you want to do and you don’t seek the wisdom of God. But instead, you seek vanity. You involve yourself in things that are fruitless that have nothing to do with God. The Bible says that a fool in Proverbs chapter one, verse 32, for the waywardness of the naive will kill them and the complacency of fools will destroy them. This means that the fool has rejected God. They have no reverence for God. They do not fear God, which is what the beginning of wisdom really is. The fear of God, the reverence of God is the beginning of wisdom, but a fool rejects that. Why? Because they don’t think that judgment is coming to them. They don’t care. Eternal significance does not matter in the life of a fool. And as a result, they are complacent with what they do to themselves. And they are complacent with what they do to other people. And another. God says, fools talk too much, worthless talking. The Bible says in Proverbs chapter 10, verse eight, the wise of heart will receive commands but a babbling fool, it says fool, king James version, will be ruined. The words that fools speak are non-essential, they’re irrational. They don’t Edify anybody. They bring about confusion and chaos. They bring about trivial stuff. And what’s being said hasn’t been thought through, they didn’t seek the wisdom of God before they decided to speak. And also the words that are being spoken out of the mouth of the fool are not based upon absolute truth, but in actuality, they are speaking out of opinion. They are speaking out of their feelings. They are speaking out of their emotions. The book of Proverbs chapter 18 verse two says a fool has no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself. So a fool rejects the opportunity to learn, a fool is more interested in running his or her mouth according to his or her own views, even if they are not right, even if they are not the truth.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, chapter 10 versus 12, “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious, but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself”. So again, a wise person is not going to speak out of his opinion. A wise person is not going to speak out of his emotions, but he or she is going to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Have your receipts. And if we go on down in Ecclesiastes, it says the beginning of the words of his mouth is foolishness and the end of his talk is mischievous madness. A fool also is full of words, a man cannot tell what shall be and what shall be after him, who can tell him. This means that a fool he rejects or she rejects the scripture and doesn’t think rationally. And as a result of this people of God, there is an increased wickedness that comes out of the foolish person’s mouth. There’s an inability to properly evaluate decisions in their lives or in other people’s lives because they have derailed away from the truth. A fool likes to hear themself talk. They like to talk a whole lot of junk. And God says that this is a deceptive practice that will lead you to hell.

In the book of Proverbs chapter 15, verse two, it says the tongue of the wise useth acknowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours out foolishness. Another characteristic that the Lord revealed to me was that fools tend to have anger issues. I’m not talking about the righteous anger that comes with someone that is attempting to bring rebuke or correction to someone. Because the Bible calls for that in the church and we are to do it in love. I’m talking about the anger that doesn’t get resolved. It’s not a sin to be angry, but it is a sin to allow for that anger to sit on you all night and for days, and months and years without resolving it. And as a result, you are responding in your anger. The Bible says in the book of Proverbs, chapter 29, verse 11, “A fool uttereth all his mind, but a wise man keepeth in till afterward”. Meaning that fools are quick, so quick to lash out in anger instead of trying to get an understanding, instead of seeking the wisdom of God or a multitude of counselors concerning their situation, they much rather try to throw somebody up under the bus. They want everybody to know what’s going on in their lives and how they feel about themselves or somebody else.

A fool tends to thrive on personal attacks, attacking people that they don’t like attacking people specifically that they may be jealous or envious of. But God says that this is wrong. Ecclesiastes chapter seven, verse nine says “be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry for anger restive in the bosom of fools”. Another characteristic that the Lord showed me is that foolishness is trending these days, foolishness is contagious. In the book of Proverbs chapter 13, verse 20 it says he that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. In other words, who you decide to be around, and who you decide to allow to speak into your life is going to determine what the outcome is going to be for you. You may have good intentions, but the person that you’re dealing with may not have good intentions. And because you know they don’t have good intentions and you are participating with that, you will also reap the harvest of what they reap. So the Bible tells us that spending time with those who have the wisdom of Christ and being teachable will lead to one growing in wisdom. But the companion of fools will bring you harm.

And finally, God showed me that a foolish person and this is one of the most dangerous characteristics of a foolish person is that they think that they are smarter and wiser than God. Somebody that thinks that they know everything, people of God, they call it false wisdom. It comes across as pride. That’s what develops pride. That’s what develops arrogance. And the Bible says that when a person is prideful or arrogant and they think that they are wiser than God, they think that they are above correction or rebuke, the Bible says that they will be brought low. God will bring them low. Proverbs chapter 29 versus 20. This is very dangerous in itself because if you reject the wisdom of God, you have no chance at life. You will always be living off of your own intellect, which the Bible says is nothing. Its foolishness is what the Bible says. Isaiah chapter 35, verse eight people of God, it says, “And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for those; the wayfaring men, though fools shall not err therein”. In other words, people of God, the highway in this verse means the road of holiness that leads to the wisdom of God, if you choose it. But the scripture also says that the unclean, which is the foolish, shall not pass over it because they will not seek the wisdom of God.

Only all that seek the wisdom of God are allowed on this highway of holiness, which leads to Jesus, which leads to the kingdom of God. So again, the lack of wisdom will be the downfall of many people, because God says that he will not tolerate it. Why? Because all of us can have a desire for wisdom. Wisdom is available to us if we seek it, if we look for it if we ask for it, it belongs to us. I don’t know how these people are gonna be brought low. I don’t know what the downfall is going to look like for many people. But what I do know is that if you don’t seek the wisdom of God in your life, starting today, concerning the people in your atmosphere, the people that you’re dealing with, and even your own situations, we’re headed down the wrong road, people of God. Foolishness will not be tolerated by God in this particular year of 2022 and moving forward. God is serious about this. And he means what he says. God’s word will not return to him void.


By Shaneika Byars-Glover (August 20, 2022)

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