We are a ministry that truly loves God!

We are called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. The purpose of our ministry is to worship the Glory of God, prophesy, ang teach Gods Word to as many people as possible.

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"We are here on purpose to glorify God in Jesus Holy Name"

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Our Mission

We are passionate about the prophetic ministry, and are on a mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. The ultimate mission for Shaneika Uniting4Christ is to assemble a community of believers that want to successfully endure this walk with Christ into the Kingdom of Heaven.




the ministry

First, you matter to God! Then, you matter to us!

We are always on call to intercede for, teach, and encourage God’s people!


Christian Clothing: Spread The Love, Embrace The Faith!

The more you feel connected to Christ, the more you are calm, faithful, and serene! At Shaneika Uniting4Christ, we are a Christian-based clothing store that provides high-quality women clothing for believers and followers of Christ. Shop from our latest collection of Christian hoodies, tank tops, cotton tees, Christian face masks, and more to spread his love and embrace faith in the form of fashion and style. 

At Shaneika Uniting4Christ, we strive to design unique, top-quality apparel for women. Our ultimate mission is to assemble a community of believers that want to successfully endure this walk with Christ into the Kingdom of Heaven. With our broad range of fashionable Christian clothing, you can easily stay close to Christ and share your experiences with faith. 

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Shaneika Uniting4Christ was created on purpose. We are passionate about the prophetic ministry and establishing God’s kingdom across the earth.

Some people find it difficult to talk about Christ or preach the gospel. So, we figured a Christian Apparel store would be the best to pave the way for his love. Surprisingly, this is not just it! Besides our fashionable Christian clothing, you can also find an extensive range of Christian coffee mugs, Christian face masks, Christian t-shirt and Christian accessories at our Christian gift store. Designed with care and engraved with divine prints, our Christian products are perfect for heightening the joy of gifting on festive occasions like Christmas.

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Every day we walk by people without saying a word. Most of them haven’t yet realized the power and love of Christ. With our high-quality, Christian-inspired women clothing and other accessories, you can easily share the message of faith in Jesus and spread his love all around. 

Shop from the latest urban Christian clothing, Christian face masks, Christian mugs, and Christian accessories to update your collection or bloom the blissfulness of gifting. Everything’s available in distinct sizes, shapes, materials, styles, and colors, ensuring you’ll find the perfect match for your wants. 

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The Miracle of Salvation

I’m shaneika byars-glover and I started this ministry on purpose! I was raised as a Christian so I always knew I was a chosen vessel for the lord. however, in January of 2018, the lord gave me a dream and a sudden revelation concerning the prophetic mantle he placed on my life.

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