Prophetic Word: I recently appointed Positions Of Power to the Church says the Lord 🌟


Video Title: Prophetic Word: I recently appointed Positions Of Power to the Church says the Lord 🌟

Blessings people of God!

Prophetic Word: I recently appointed positions of power to the church says the lord

I have powerful prophetic word for the body of Christ!

Many of Gods prophets and servants have been mentioning this sense of shifting that took place, especially around the time of Queen Elizabeth’s passing and many of Gods servants are aware that a new way of doing things, new leaders, and new processes are here.

A sister in Christ sent me a profound video of a man of God that was giving prophetic insight of what he believed this time to be “A changing of the Guards” hallelujah!

And my spirit perceives that this phrase is applicable to the hour that we are now in.

But people of God, I wanted to share what the Lord revealed to me specifically about this most recent shift, amen?

With that said, you all know my stance. Don’t come to me, but Go to God if you have questions about His Word because I am just the messenger and my job is to send you back to God. It is your responsibility to test the spirit behind this message, amen? I also have a video in the description box below that can help give you some tips on how to approach God concerning this prophetic word, okay?

So, the Lord gave me Daniel chapter 2 to read a few weeks back. And I remember the Lord highlighting verse 22 and then telling me to just study the whole chapter.

Now in the beginning, I did not understand why God asked me to read the chapter, so I just counted it all joy that I read Gods word.

But then after the queens passing, and hearing that man of God video, and talking to a sister in Christ last week about how she was also led to read Daniel 2, verse 21 for her. I began to realize that God wanted to give me revelation.

So I prayed and asked God to show me what he wanted me to see.

People of God, the first thing I heard the Lord say in my spirit after reading these verses.

The Church is being promoted. The church is being promoted.

The Lord God said Shaneika, certain members of my body are now being promoted and they will have the task of bringing what is hidden in the dark to the light. They will be asked by me to interpret the Kings affairs. They will be sent to counsel the new kings that I will give positions of power to. And some of my people will be the new kings that I appoint says the Lord.

The Lord said I approved and revealed this most recent shift in the earth in the word I have given you to read. I stated in Daniel 2 verse 21 And I changeth the times and the seasons: I removeth kings, and setteth up kings: I giveth wisdom unto the wise, and I give knowledge to them that know understanding sayeth the Lord.

This means that my beloved children are now experiencing a change of times and seasons, and you are now witnessing the removal of old kings so that I the Lord your God, will replace them says the Lord.

God says there are some things that have been hidden from my people and the world and I am about to reveal it says the Lord.

As I previously stated in my word. Daniel 2:22, I  revealeth the deep and secret things because I knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwells in me says the Lord.

This means that I have graced a few of my people to be promoted and appointed to reveal the hidden things that need to brought to light, in different regions of the world so that my plans are executed accordingly, says the Lord.

God says my beloved do you remember when my son Daniel interpreted King nebuchadnezzars dream because the sorcers, and the magicians could not And do you remember how the king fell to his face and offered up incense to David because he was able to interpret his dream.

God says, do you recall when King nebuchadnezzar acknowledged me, the Lord you God as the God of Gods, Lord of all Lords, and a revealer of mysteries, says the Lord? (Daniel 2:46-47)

And finally, God says do you remember how Daniel was promoted and made ruler over the whole province of Babylon as chief protector over all the wise men of Babylon, says the Lord.

God says listen carefully, a select few of my children will be appointed as Kings themselves says the Lord.

God says, what happened to my son David will also be the portion of many of my servants because they have been faithful to the tasks and assignments I have given them, says God and they will be promoted because of the secrets that I will reveal to them says Lord.

God says that some of you are getting ready to start traveling outside of your states and countries and some of you will be asked to relocate altogether says the Lord.

God says the Change is coming because it has already been established in the heavens, says the Lord.

Gods says that many of you are going to receive your new orders by the end of this month, at the close of this Hebrew year 5782 and some of you will receive notice in the new year of 5783 which starts on September 26th.

God says be prepared to say yes to what he is getting ready to ask you to, do. Why says the Lord, because when you do what he is about to ask you to do, that is when you will be promoted, that is when God says he will release the slingshot that he revealed to us in his word on May 9, 2022.

Take heed, this is word to you this day, says the living God.


By Shaneika Byars-Glover (September 14, 2022)

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