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Blessings to all of Gods “ANNOINTED ONES” that are Leading authentic Ministries, Businesses, Organizations, etc.

The LORD wanted me to REMIND YOU that your REWARD is with HIM and not with:

1. People

2. Status

3. Numbers

4. Popularity

5. Attention from others


7. Opinions from others


** Guys, do you remember what happened with Jesus Christ after He taught hundreds of people the Gospel of truth, healed the sick, prophesied, served others, performed signs, wonders & miracles, cast out demons, raised people from the dead, genuinely loved people, and showed compassion to all that needed deliverance?

Jesus did not have a majority of the same people He ministered to “supporting” Him at the cross.


With that said, the same applies to all of “YOU” (Gods remnant) that are FAITHFULLY trying to serve a majority of people that WOULD NOT DO THE SAME FOR YOU…

Sure, a few people will appreciate your contributions to Gods Kingdom and we BLESS THEM, in Jesus Name!

But many will ONLY seek to receive what you have to give EVEN AS THEY are stabbing you in the back, mocking you, lying on you, plotting against you, secretly envious of you, or viewing you as a threat.

Why is God mentioning this?

Because He wants you to KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING without feeling disappointed, without feeling like your work is in vain, without feeling like no one is listening, without feeling like you are not making an impact, without feeling like giving up on whatever God has “Called” you to do.

God says to STOP looking for RECOGNITION from people because they will FAIL YOU!

But instead, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33).

People of God, I have learned that having this MINDSET not only keeps me from feeling disappointed but; it also encourages me to OBEY GOD without complaints, AND to STAND BY MYSELF, if necessary for the sake of God’s Kingdom!!!!

Be encouraged, God’s has your back, okay?

Love you all, bye ❤

Shaneika (10/21/2021)

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