Major Downfall 4 False social media prophets ⬇️ (Prophetic Warning: God will Deal with them 1 by 1)


Video Link: Major Downfall 4 False social media prophets ⬇️ (Prophetic Warning: God will Deal with them 1 by 1)

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello, my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope that you all are well in the Lord. I hope that your day and your week have been fantastic so far. And as always guys, I am honored to be your sister in Christ and I most certainly thank you all for coming to hear what the Lord is saying. So as you can see on the video that I am not physically present, but I definitely encourage you guys to stick around to hear this word, to hear this warning. It is very important. Our father in heaven is not pleased. And he’s saying that these false prophets that are on social media are out of control. And as a result of that, he is going to make an example out of them. Let me say that again. God says that the false prophets, the false ministries that God has not appointed or called into ministry showing up on social media platforms. God is saying that he’s getting ready to set an example out of you. He’s getting ready to set an example out of the false prophets and their downfall will be set.

So guys, before I get into God’s warning, I need to remind you that I am no better than any person that is listening to this message. I am simply bringing the warning. I am not here coming from a spirit of judgment, nor am I in any position to condemn anyone. This is a very pertinent word from the Lord. And as I have spoken to you guys in the past, God loves us so much that he sends the service of the Lord to warn us, to help us stay on track, to keep us on the straight and narrow, to guide us, to lead us in the ways that he wants for our lives. We all have purposes. We all have assignments. We all have plans that God has given us to accomplish for the kingdom. And as we’re doing that, God is trying to get us to see that the enemy will come in different forms and deceive us. The Bible says that even the elect will be deceived in the last days. And as a result of that, God is encouraging us to be abreast of his decrease in his commands, to listen to him, to be open to his warnings, to be open to his words, to be open to the rebuke if necessary, the correction, if necessary, because it may not feel good at the moment but it always works out for our good.

God says that whatever was meant for evil, whatever was meant to deter us, he will turn it around for our good. And that is what the purpose of these warnings are. That is what the purpose of God’s messages are. Brothers and sisters, this warning comes from two places. It comes from the book of Jeremiah chapter 23, which I am going to read aloud with you. Also, if you look on your screen, you’ll see this video image, and it says sudden judgment to recover your land. This is a video that the Lord had me released back in April 2021, and it is heavily linked to this warning. So I’m just going to play a short clip of it because God says so, he wants to remind us of what he has already spoken. God says the whole purpose of this message is to bring confirmation to your spirit or to convict you. I need to say that again. God is saying the purpose of this warning for the body of Christ, for the people that follow this ministry and other ministries, for the people that have ears to hear and eyes to see. Now, this is not for everyone, but it’s for some of you. And God is bringing back up to the forefront, the seriousness of what happens to us when we are not testing the spirits by the spirit when we are not taking the time to ask God, to guide us and who we are being fed by. The consequences of us following people that are not of God that are not appointed by God that have not been sent by God are detrimental.

Because whatever spirit they are operating out of outside of the holy spirit is demonic. And we know that demonic spirits can transfer from one place to another. So God is trying to get us to a place where whoever we are being fed by whoever we believe in that we are at least taking the time to test the spirit, to make sure that these people, these ministries, these leaders have been called by God to speak to you. Hallelujah. False lying spirits are everywhere. Witchcraft is abundant. And so God is trying to give us the opportunity, people of God, to make sound decisions as it relates to the people or the ministries that we are connected to.

Listen to this.

What has happened, people of God is that the lying spirits, the familiar spirits, the witches and the warlocks, and the false prophets and the false prophetesses have entered into the land, entered into the land of the righteous. And we’re sharing our own land with these false spirits, these spirits of darkness, these spirits that are operating through the people that the enemy chooses to use. And as a result of that, people cannot determine who’s real and who’s false. People don’t know the difference between the authentic prophet and the false prophet people can’t determine whether somebody’s dream is true or not. People can not discern whether someone is operating from a spirit of divination, from a lying spirit. And God says, I wanted you to get on here and let the people know that I am getting ready to sweep the land. I am getting ready to clean up the promised land that I, the Lord, your God have only given to my appointed. I have only given it to my chosen. I have only given it to the people that I have personally called. The people that I formed in the mother’s womb as being my profit as being my mouthpiece as being the evangelist, the pastor, the teacher. God says I’m getting ready to suddenly judge the lands because the foreigners have come in to invade.

Okay. People that’s really this warning, but God wants me to press in a bit further. At this point and season in time that we are in people of God, God cannot stress to us enough how important it is for us to have a relationship with him. When you have a relationship with God, you’re able to go to him and ask questions. And not only are you asking questions but you’re waiting on our father to answer you. God is trying to wake us up, people of God. We are not in a place of discerning who we are following. We’re not able to discern the spirits that people are speaking to us through. Now, the Bible tells us that we will be held accountable for our own sins. Yes, if somebody prophesies lies in God’s name, yes, they will be held accountable. But ultimately you will be the one that will be held accountable for the prophecies that you’re receiving in your life because you didn’t test them because you received them into your spirits without going to God to make sure that that word was applicable to you.

God says we are treading in very dangerous places right now. The Lord says to call it what it is, as it relates to the people in the church, as it relates to the followers of the many ministries on the social media platforms. Call it what it is, call it what it is and speak the truth about it, because the truth will set you free if you want it, if you desire it. We are treading on dangerous terrain, people of God because a lot of us just want to satisfy our own desires. We only want to hear about wealth and prosperity. We want to have peaches and ice cream messages that make us feel good. We want to be blind to the lies and the false prophecies that are coming across these platforms and in the church, we want to be blind to the sin. We refused to listen to the people that God has called to sound the alarm. Many of us are living lukewarm lifestyles. Sometimes we about God and sometimes we’re not. These are just some of the reasons how we can be deceived because we haven’t taken our lives seriously enough to know the Lord for ourselves, to read the Bibles for ourselves, and to include God in all of the things that are connected to our lives so that we are not deceived. Amen. God is holding you accountable too, people. Yes, this warning is for the false prophet, but understand that with the fall of the false prophet so with the fall or the follower that didn’t test the spirit. Hallelujah. So God is saying that he wants you all to come with me to the book of Jeremiah chapter 23. And I’m going to start from verse 31, even though this whole chapter can be read, but I’m just going to start at 31 and read all the way down to verse 40, and then give the final warning for the false prophet, for the false ministries that are prevalent right now in social media.

The word says, behold, I am against the prophets, sayeth the Lord, that use their tongues and say, he sayeth. Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, sayeth the Lord, and do tell them and cause my people to ear by their lies and by their lightness. Yet I sent them not nor commanded them. Therefore, they shall not profit this people at all, sayeth the Lord. And when this people or prophet or a priest shall ask thee saying, what is the burden of the Lord? Thou shalt then say unto them, what burden, I will even forsake you sayeth the Lord. And as for the prophet and the priests and the people that shall say the burden of the Lord, I will even punish that man and his house. Thus shall ye say every one to his neighbor and every one to his brother, what have the Lord answered and what have the Lord spoken. In the burden of the Lord, ye mentioned no more for every man’s word shall be his burden for ye have perverted the words of the living God of the Lord of hosts, our God.

Thus shall thou say to the prophet, what have the Lord answered thee, and what have the Lord spoken. But since ye say the burden of the Lord, therefore thus sayeth the Lord, because ye say this word, the burden of the Lord, and I have sent unto you saying, ye shall not say the burden of the Lord. Therefore, behold, I even, I will utterly forget you and I will forsake you and the city that I gave you in your fathers and cast you out my presence. And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you in a perpetual shame which shall not be forgotten. People of God, here is the final warning from the Lord. He has spoken twice, but he will speak again and three times, it will be established. God’s word will not return to him void and he is not a man that he shall lie. The false prophets will be taken down. The false prophets that are operating out of a spirit of divination and lies will encounter a major downfall.

God says, people listen carefully and pay close attention to what you will see. You will begin to see the downfall of many false ministries. They will drop like flies one by one. Why? Because they speak lies and they speak from spirits of divination and witchcraft. God says that he will deal with the false prophets that teach doctrines of devils. He will deal with the false prophets that cast spells on the subscribers and their audience. He will deal with the false prophets that deliver false dreams and false visions. He will deal with the false prophets that tell the people that there is peace when there is no peace. God says that he did not call you, false prophet. He did not call you false prophetess. He did not call you pastor. He did not call you teacher. He did not call you. God says that you are a liar from the depths of hell and he will free his people from your chains of lies, you false profits. You know exactly who you are says the Lord.

And the only reason why I will not expose you one by one is because I’m trying to teach my people how to test the spirit. I’m trying to teach my people how to come to me in prayer as to save their lives, says the Lord. You false prophets, you think that I do not see your wickedness. You think that I do not know your motivations that are in your heart, but I can clearly see exactly what you are doing in my kingdom. You false prophets, you are the very ones that copy and paste my authentic messengers’ words as your own to bring gain to yourself. Even though my word forbids it in Jeremiah chapter 23, where it says, therefore declares the Lord. I am against the prophets who steal from one another’s words, supposedly from me. You false prophets, you are wicked and you have scattered my sheep. And there are many souls that are on your hands because of your lies and your false prophecies says the Lord. You wicked pastor, you wicked teacher, you false prophetess. You false prophet, I did not call you to the land.

Instead, I am filling my land with my righteous, the ones who I have called the ones whom I created in the mother’s womb, the ones who I appointed to work in my kingdom. You false prophets, I will deal with you one by one. You think it’s a joke that you get up and say, I will speak these lies, even though I did not speak to you, you think it’s funny for you to come on and say, well, God said, when I never said what you said I said, says the Lord. God says you have scattered my sheep and now you will pay for them dearly. God says that my authentic can not be seen because of your lies. God says that I am cleaning up my land and only the righteous will stand in the holy place. God says, I will deal with you and you are set to be judged. My word would not return to me void. And when it happens, it will happen suddenly. And it will be my sign to my people, to the ones that have been convicted to leave you. To the ones that need confirmation to leave you, I will make a mockery out of you and you will be my sign. And when your ministry falls, when your lies fall to the ground, the people will know that I am God. Take heed. This is my warning says the living God.

So people of God, as I always encourage you to test, test, test the spirit. Again, God does not speak for his health. He doesn’t need anything from us. He is simply out of love trying to guide us and leads us so that we enter into the gates of heaven. And God knows what’s before us, he knows what’s behind us. And so he would never give us a word that wasn’t going to encourage us to do what we need to do to stand, to carry our crosses, to empower us, to equip us for the battle as we are living out these last days. So I hear somebody saying, well Shenika, how can I not be deceived? Sometimes I ask God and I don’t hear from him, sometimes I think but I don’t. What I need to tell you, brother, what I need to tell you, sister is this. God is an answerer to a seeker. If you are truly seeking God from your heart, from the depths of your heart, from the depths of your soul, and you’re asking God to show you something, God will answer. The Bible says that when we seek, we shall find. God will not lead you astray. God would not lead you to the slaughterhouse, but he will answer you!


By: Shaneika Byars (6/16/2021)

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