Guys, I just received word from God that it was my final warning to get rid of some stuff!

BUT as I was CLEANING OUT what God told me to, I also heard the Spirit of the Lord say: Tell the Church to GET RID OF IT TOO!

People of God, the Lord says that He has asked some of you to get rid of SOMETHING(s) and you have not done it yet!

God says that TODAY (the day you read this) is the day to get rid of THAT THING…

The Lord says for some of you, this something is attached to Witchcraft OR Soul-ties. God says, this thing has been a HIDDEN HINDERANCE in your life and its time to get rid of it NOW!!!

That is the Word yall!

** Please seek God on this matter if you are not sure whether this warning applies to you, okay?


Love you all, bye ❤

Shaneika Byars-Glover (October 31, 2021)

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