Happy Stupendous Saturday People of God!

 Earlier today, I became very disappointed that I could not attend an event.

Mind you, I had a whole week to be prepared! But no matter how hard I tried to get ready for this event, all my efforts failed 😪

Honestly, I blamed the devil for everything that went wrong because there were no obvious reasons why I couldn’t go!!

Then suddenly, I heard the Lord say: “Shaneika, its not the enemy, it’s Me! I am the one holding back your plans!”

Then the Lord told me to say this to the Woman or Man of God: You may be wondering why you are being blocked from going, or why you can’t find the right one, or why you are having such a hard time making it happen.

God says: “You weren’t supposed to because it is not the right time, place, or thing.

I am your God, and I am protecting you from what you do not see nor understand.

I will let you know when it is time to go, time to move, or time to accept.

Meanwhile, wait on Me with anticipation knowing that at the appointed time, I will tell you when to act.

Remain faithful in Me because My time for you is nearer than you think,” says the Lord.

Blessings ❤


Written By: Shaneika Byars (July 24, 2021)

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