**THE UNFAMILIAR LETTER ***Prophetic Warning*


Blessings People of God!

The Lord says the agents of satan are angry, jealous, or envious of the progress God has made in you and as a result; they are trying to “Curse” you.

God showed me the “Mailing System” in which one of you may receive a LETTER that is random, unexpected, odd, or strange.

** God is highlighting that this letter may come from a stranger, someone from your past, OR someone that is distant from you **

The Lord says you will know something is “Off” by the way you feel, or how the letter looks, or by leading of Holy Spirit! **

I don’t know who this is for but God showed me a letter WITH NO RETURN ADDRESS and the Contents within it were subtle word curses that were hidden in plain sight  **

The Lord says, with all “Unfamiliar” letters, THROW THEM AWAY IMMEDIATELY because the true intent is to try and “Harm” you in some way!

The purpose of the letter is for you to READ, RECIEVE, and COME INTO AGREEMENT with the “Spoken” words within YOUR SPIRIT.

God says when in doubt, DO NOT open or read the letter. But SEEK Him and He will let you know if the letter needs to be destroyed.

That is Gods Warning! Be watchful, okay?


Love you all, bye ❤

Shaneika (November 10, 2021)

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