The Coming of Christ Deception ✝️ (Prophetic Word: Focus on this Concept Sayeth the Lord)

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Video Link: The Coming of Christ Deception ✝️ (Prophetic Word: Focus on this Concept Sayeth the Lord)

Glory to Jesus Christ. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello brothers. Hello, sisters in Christ. I hope that you all are well in the Lord. I hope that your week is fantastic so far, and I definitely hope that your day is blessed. So, guys, I need to talk to y’all. Can I talk to you? I need to really talk to some of y’all. Not all of you, but some of you, and I hope that you all will allow for me to speak into your life today. This is a lifesaving word for many, not everybody needs to hear it, but there are many that do. And so guys, this is not gonna be a peaches and ice cream word. This is not going to be a feel-good word. No. What today’s word is, it regards your soul. And it is an insight that the Lord wants me to speak to you guys about.

If you looked at the title of this message, you’ll see that it says the coming of Christ deception. Now let me clarify what this means. The coming of Christ is not a deception in a sense of it’s not going to happen. Jesus Christ will come. That is an inevitable thing. God is coming back to rule and reign. God is coming back to get his church, okay, to meet his bride. There is no if and or buts about the prophecy, it will come to pass. Jesus Christ, our Lord, and savior will come back. He is coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. What this word is about, people of God is a deception that some of us have as it relates to the coming of Christ. Many of us see the coming of Christ as a distant thing. Why? Because the Bible talks about it being the end, when Jesus Christ comes, it is the end. And so when some of us think about the coming of Christ, we’re losing a sense of time in between. Also, we’re losing a pertinent, a very important thing that we need to be focusing on as we are waiting for the coming of Christ.

Now in the book of Matthew chapter 24:42, it talks about how we’re supposed to be keeping watch because we do not know the time and we do not know the day that the Lord will return to the earth. So we know that we’re supposed to be watching. We know that we’re supposed to be anticipating. We know that we’re supposed to be waiting on the Lord. And so that’s what we do as believers. But there is a deception that the enemy has somehow employed in the minds of certain people. He has convinced certain people that Jesus Christ is the end when he comes. So, therefore, you have time to wait. That is something that’s going to in the future. God says that some of us think that Jesus Christ is not coming until whenever, some people think that he will never come. God says that many of us have pushed off the coming of Christ to a future, a future time.

And as a result of that being programmed in our minds, we somehow can kind of play around with the time we can kind of plan. And we can kind of say that this is what we’re going to do because it is the end when Jesus Christ comes. So if it is the end, then that means that I got a little bit of time to get to the end. Another deception that is associated with the coming of Christ are the people that put a timeframe on when Jesus is returning. They say Jesus is coming next week. Jesus is coming next month, Jesus is coming on this holiday or this weekend. The Bible is clear, we do not know the hour nor the day that Jesus Christ will return. The Bible tells us to only watch and wait for him to anticipate his return. So the deception in here is that we are creating false hope in ourselves, as well as other people, because we are attempting to put a time on the return of Christ, even though Jesus himself does not know when he will return. God says that this perception takes away from what we should be really focusing on. So we have people that think that there’s time because Jesus is coming, it’s the end. And we have people that are trying to put a date on when Jesus is coming. God says both of these mindsets are setting us all up to be deceived. And it is taking us away from focusing on what we should be. Because when we focus on this thing that we’re going to talk about, the end goal, no matter whether Jesus comes 50 years from now, or if Jesus comes today, we will be ready. People of God, with all that I said, I want to ask you a question. Has anybody thought about the fact that we may not be here to witness the coming of Christ? Has anybody thought about us not being here, but instead taking our last breath, has anybody thought about that?

And if that be the case for your life or my life, the question is, is your soul ready? Is your soul ready? See, the deception is this. The enemy wants us to focus on us having time before Jesus Christ and the other deception is, is that we’re trying to put a timeframe on when Jesus is coming, setting ourselves up for false hope and failure, that we’re not focusing on what the word of God actually asks us to focus on, which is our lives and our souls. People of God, I need for you to come with me in the word of God, to the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter nine, verses 11 through 12. The Lord is saying, tell my people to focus on this word, because this is something that he is requiring for many of us to do in addition to watching and waiting and anticipating the return of Christ.

God says that when we can understand what is being said here in the scriptures, it doesn’t matter whether he comes today or whether he comes years from now. God says that this is what’s going to seal your soul no matter what takes place. Why? Because we don’t know when we ourselves are going to take our last breath. Let’s read, verse 11. I have seen something else under the sun. The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned. But time and chance happen to them all. What is the word of God saying? It’s saying that no matter what stage of life you are in, no matter how happy you are, no matter what plans you have made for the future, no matter how good you think that you are and how blessed that you think that you are, what passions, what goals you may have in your life for the future.

God says that because of who we are, we are people in the flesh, chance happens to us all. All of us stand the chance of something happening to us that will result in us taking our last breath. Let’s go to verse 12. Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come, as fish are caught in a cruel net or birds are taken in a snare so people are trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them. Hallelujah. What is the word saying here? God is saying that even we do not know when our lives will end. Many of us that’s trying to put a date on when Jesus is coming back, honey, you may not be here to see that time. And for those of us that are trying to put a time in between the coming of Christ, because we think we’re going to do what we want to do. You don’t know if you’re going to leave this earth before the time arrives. So guess what. The Lord is saying here, that we need to be focusing on our souls because we don’t know where we’re going to take our last breath. Many of us are going to be dead and gone before the coming of Christ. And so what will be the state of your soul? Because that is how you will be judged, the state of your soul. See, the deception in all of this is that the enemy has us so focused on convincing ourselves that the time of Christ is so far off. And the enemy is so busy having us focused on Jesus coming now, or Jesus coming next week that we are losing our focus on the state of our souls. Are you ready to go back with Jesus Christ? Have you done all that you needed to do? Have you repented, have you confessed of your sins? Is your house in order? Because this is what’s going to determine whether Jesus comes now or later where you will go. Are you going to heaven? Or are you going to be cast into the lake of fire?

People of God, the spirit of the Lord saying, yes, Jesus is coming soon. We are closer than we have ever been before. But we as a human being, as a race, as a people, I hear the Lord saying that for some of us, we are even closer to the coming of Christ. God says the reason why that is possible because it will be the state of your soul that will determine where you will go at the judgment seat of Christ. God says that many of us will be laid to rest before he comes. So the state of your soul is going to seal your faith. God says that that is what we need to be focusing on. We need to be focusing on the state of our souls. Are we ready? Because again, no matter when Jesus comes, your soul, the state of your soul is what’s going to dictate. It is what’s going to determine whether you go to heaven or whether you go to hell. God says, no matter whether it is a time, space of years to come, or if he’s going to come now or in the next few minutes or in the next hour, the state of your soul is going to determine where you are headed. Hallelujah.

So God says he’s not taking away from what he says when we should be watching when we should be waiting when we should be anticipating his return. He wants us to want him to come, but he does not want us to want him to come so much so that we’re giving up on life, that we’re losing hope in the Lord, that we’re turning away from the things that he has called us to do in the kingdom here on earth. And he also doesn’t want us to take for granted that we got so much time to do what we want to do. God says that if we focus on what’s in the scriptures, we will always be ready. Do not be deceived. Let God be God. He will return when he returns. Meanwhile, focus on your soul. So that way you are ready for whenever Jesus comes back, you will be ready for the coming of Christ. Hallelujah.


By: Shaneika Byars (June 3, 2021)

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