Sounding the Alarm! ๐Ÿ†˜ (Prophetic Insight: Spiritual Narcissism invading the Body of Christ)


Video Link: Sounding the Alarm! ๐Ÿ†˜ (Prophetic Insight: Spiritual Narcissism invading the Body of Christ)

Glory to Jesus Christ. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello brothers. Hello sisters. I hope that you all have had a fantastic week so far.

I hope that you all are doing well. As always. I am honored to be your sister in Christ and I thank you all for coming to hear what the Lord has given me to speak in this hour.

So today people of God, I am sounding the alarm. I am sounding the alarm and I’m going to be discussing an illness, a demonic spirit per se. And it pertains to narcissism. And there are many forms of narcissism, people of God. But today I’m going to talk about spiritual narcissism. And guys, I need you to forgive me if it looks like I’m just emotional to an extent because I am. I have been affected by this so much so guys that it rocked my world for a few days. And I had to spend some time in just direct communication with God, constantly for him to help me get back to a place of confidence. Because of my interaction with the person that has this spirit in them, this spiritual narcissism, this demonic spirit. First of all, I didn’t recognize it in the beginning. And as God began to reveal it to me, I begin to become aware of who I was dealing with. And as a result of God, giving me the signs, showing me certain things, and giving me the dreams and the visions and all of the convictions that were coming up in my spirit, when I would communicate with this person in all the feelings of uneasiness. And then there were just small, subtle things that would just pop up and I would try to dismiss them, but then they will come back later.

But ultimately being connected to the person that had this spirit within them, one of the things that I noticed is that I was never content. I was always on the edge and I didn’t understand why. So anyway, guys, finally, everything came to the surface and God began to reveal to me that I was dealing with someone with this demonic spirit. And when I found out, like I said, it threw me for a loop because it’s in the church y’all. And I’m not claiming to be perfect. I’m not claiming to be better than anybody. But what I do know is that the Bible warns us of this. It talks about that even the elect can be deceived. And so when I saw myself being that person that was deceived in a sense because I carried on a relationship with this person, it hurt me because it made me feel like I had no discernment y’all. So when the Bible says to be careful because many are wolves in sheep’s clothing and that we should be testing every spirit. We need to take that seriously guys because it is this encounter with the spiritual narcissist that is leading many of us astray, Hallelujah.

And so guys, by no means am I coming to you as a professional? I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not a mental health professional. So I’m not going to be bringing awareness to you from that standpoint as a professional. But I will be bringing awareness to you today from a spiritual perspective. Why? Because I personally encountered this in my own life and God personally walked this through with me. He showed me the beginning of this thing, the middle of this thing, and the ending. And he gave me the spiritual implications of what was happening in addition to my own research. There’s a biblical scholarly journal article that helped me get the bullet points for this awareness. So I will link that in the description box. And also there is a professional that I spoke to. There’s one that is a licensed psychologist, an MD, and they actually are subscribed to this channel and they are a believer.

So I’ve had the Liberty of God counseling me on this spiritually, me reading the Bible, getting the biblical context in addition to speaking to a professional doctor, a professional psychologist. And I also did my own research. So, guys, I’m going to be bringing awareness to you today from the perspective of the victim. The person that comes in contact with the spiritual narcissist. So guys, before I get into this and I’m going to be reading from my notes, I want to say this, a spiritual narcissist has no empathy. Coming from the perspective of a victim of a narcissist I want to make myself clear that I am not referencing someone that has a mental illness and they’re not aware that they have the mental illness. And I’m not referencing someone that has a mental illness and you have been diagnosed and you’re seeking God’s deliverance and you’re seeking professional help and God is working with you. Not talking about those people because there are many of us that have encountered some kind of mental instability at some point in time. I know I did in my past before God delivered me.

Today, I am talking about a narcissist. A narcissist is a person that has no empathy and they are only seeking glory for themselves. I need to say that. A spiritual narcissist can look like many people. It could be a female, it could be a male and they could be prophets. They could be teachers. They could be pastors. They could be evangelists. They could be any servant of the Lord. Anybody that calls themselves a believer and they are working in the body of Christ. They are working in the kingdom. Why do I say the kingdom, the body of Christ? Because it is the spiritual narcissist that uses the gospel to build themselves up. And so I’m sounding the alarm because this is so urgent. Many people are being deceived in the body of Christ as of today. And God says that there’s somebody that’s going to watch this video. And you’re going to be someone that’s just like me, where you encountered this and you never really understood it. God is using me to bring revelation to that situation, child of God. And there’s someone that is connected to someone that is dealing with that today. And this is going to bring awareness and enlightening to your situation. And there’s someone that’s going to encounter this in the future, as the Lord is leading you in your work in your promise in your assignments for the kingdom of God. So, guys, I have everything written down. So forgive me as I’m looking down because I couldn’t remember everything. So I wrote everything down and I’ll say this again. I got all my information from God as well as speaking to a professional psychologist, as well as doing my own research with the scholar airy journals. And I will link those journals in the description box of this video. I will tell you this guys when you click the links, you’re not going to get access to the entire article. I believe I had to pay to get full articles. So it’s your choice, how much information you want to receive. But that is where my bullet points are coming from as far as the signs. And then I’m going to be using the Bible to back this stuff up from a spiritual perspective.

So, guys, these are also signs that I personally encountered with the person or the people that I came across in the church. And I have 10 of them written down, but that’s not to say that there are not more, these are just the ones that I came in contact with. And I’m going to read them out to you and give you a brief description of them and then give you scripture to back up the philosophy behind what’s being said. God is also saying, don’t take just one of these insights at somebody is a spiritual narcissist, no. Everything that is written here is associated with the narcissist and you’ll tend to see all of these going on simultaneously. But even then, if you see it, you still want to test. You want to go to God, you want to get your confirmation. So you want to use the information that you get through this broadcast today, but you still want to go to God and you want to get final confirmation. Because that’s what happened to me. I didn’t just go off of my flesh or my feelings. I had to go through a process of teaching through God, God had to walk me through this thing. Then I sought professional counsel and I also did my own research. So make sure you guys do the same as you are contemplating, whether this is something that is happening in your own life if you’re connected to someone like this.

So the first sign that I encountered with this person is one of the things that I noticed is that they were constantly bringing up their achievements, constantly telling people what God did through them. And they would reference it all the time. In other words, never let it rest. So every time you would connect with this person in whatever way you connect with them, or you speak to them, you would notice that in those conversations or when that person is speaking to you, they’re constantly bringing up something that they did or God did through them. Does that make sense y’all? And one of the things that I learned in the journals and talking to the doctor, she says, Shenika, one of the things that spiritual narcissists tend to do is they love to self-promote themselves. Every time they have a conversation with you, they make it their priority to talk to you about how they feel like they are superior to someone or something. Does that make sense? And then they’ll begin to tell you what that thing is that makes them superior to you or superior to someone else. And the Lord led me to scripture concerning that because that is something that we are not supposed to be doing in the kingdom. There’s nothing wrong with telling someone something that you did because you’re happy you achieve the goal, there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s nothing wrong with sharing your successes and your accomplishments with people. But when you make it a priority to constantly have to keep bringing up that success and bringing up that achievement, and it’s not even really relevant to what you’re talking to the person about, then that’s a red flag. Because at that point, you’re trying to prove something to somebody, which you don’t have to do. You only have to tell somebody your success one time, or you may have to do it a second time if you’re testifying or something like that. But to constantly keep bringing up the same achievement, the same success screams attention. It screams the idea that you need for somebody to really understand that you did this. Like you want to implant that idea in somebody, right. Hallelujah.

So that’s one of the first things that I discovered when encountering this spirit in the church. And so God told me to go to Proverbs chapter 27 verse two guys, I’m going to be reading from the NIV version. And it references the fact that we’re not supposed to be praising ourselves in anything, but we’re supposed to be giving God the glory. And so when someone is constantly bringing up their achievements in something, they’re not bringing glory to God, they’re bringing glory to themselves. Does that make sense? So in Proverbs, it says, let someone else praise you and not your own mouth, an outsider and not your own. The Bible says that if there’s an achievement that you accomplish or there’s something that you did good, well, let somebody else do that for you. Praise God. You are not to do it for yourself because every single time you’re doing it, you’re seeking attention. You want everybody to know what you did, which is what, bringing glory to yourself.

The second sign guys that I experienced in communicating with this spiritual narcissist spirit when I would communicate with this person there was never a two-way dialogue. I noticed that. Every time I would speak or communicate with this person, there was always a desire from them to bring the conversation to themselves. And they always had something to say about what was going on, either in their own life or what was going on in the church. And those things were always from a negative perspective, there was never really nothing positive about what was being said. It was a lot of complaining. And I remember when I would communicate that there was nothing that I could say from a biblical perspective or a personal perspective, that was right. I noticed that every resolution or every option that I tried to speak concerning the complaint that they had, it was always shot down. It was never good enough. And so the person would present the issue or present the complaint but when I would try to help it was never good enough. And so I didn’t really pick up on that in the beginning, because I’m a listener.

So sometimes people are going through things, they just need somebody to listen, right. So I saw it that way. But after future communications, I noticed that that was what it was every single time I communicated with this person. It was the same thing every single time. And the only time something came up about me is if that person had a question for me, they wanted to know something about what I was doing. And so I would respond. But other than that, the conversation was always about them. I recognize that. I recognize that there was never a common ground in our conversations. And there was always a redirecting of conversations to themselves, to whatever was going on in their lives, whatever agendas that they had for that time, conversations were always geared towards that between us. And another thing that I noticed is that the conversations that we would have they would bring up the complaints of what was going on in the church. And I didn’t immediately see that as being anything off because as believers, as service of the Lord, we’re supposed to be recognizing and calling out the false prophets, we’re supposed to be bringing awareness to those things that are happening in the church that are not supposed to be happening in the church.

But in this particular situation, this person would do that just to have an opinion, this person would bring up these complaints about what was going on in the church because they wanted to have an opinion and they want it to be the one to correct. And it was almost like they didn’t see that anybody else was qualified to be able to do that but them. So again, it was a redirecting to them. The conversation was always leading back to them in some kind of way, whether it be them wanting you to hear the complaint or them wanting you to hear their opinion about something, or they’re wanting you to hear the corrections and the rebukes that they have concerning that person or that situation. Does that make sense? So basically conversations tend to be one-sided with the spiritual narcissist and in those conversations, they are negative in connotation and they do with wanting to have something to say about what’s not being done. And also you, the recipient of this, cannot say anything, there’s nothing that you can say to help that situation, even though they’re telling you about it, but only they have the answer.

And so guys, after God brought that to the light concerning the one-way conversations that I would have with this person, he told me to go to Romans chapter 16, verses 17. Because he wanted me to see how when someone blocks you from giving them biblical counsel, even though they’re asking you for help or they’re asking you to say something or they’re implying something to you that we need to be very careful with that. So in Romans chapter 16, verses 17 it says, I urge you brothers and sisters to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned, keep away from them. So basically this person was putting an obstacle in my way because they would ask me, or they would say something about a situation, they would complain about something, they would have a problem with something in the church. But then when I would try to give them knowledge that I’ve learned from the Bible or allow holy spirit to speak through me concerning that complaint, well, it was never good enough. It was always shot down.

And at the end of it all, only they could answer their own question. Only they were qualified to answer their own question. And as a result, I was left thinking like what just happened? God said, be careful because that is a way how somebody can make you doubt who you are in Christ, make you doubt what you learned, make you doubt your understanding and interpretation of the scriptures. Somebody that does that and on a consistent basis can slowly tear you down and make you feel like you don’t know what you’re talking about, or you don’t know who God is, or you don’t know what you read. You don’t understand what’s in the Bible. Hallelujah. The third thing guys that I noticed when I was communicating with this person, as well as encountering it in the church and even in my research, and even speaking with the doctor. One of the biggest things that people that have that spiritual narcissist spirit in them, they know scripture. They know the Bible well, they do, they know scripture. And as a result of that, guys, they twist it and they twist the scriptures to meet their purpose. They use it as a tool to fit their agenda.

So if they have an opinion about something, they take certain parts of the scriptures and they twist it to make their opinions valid. And so they use scriptures for the purpose of their own agendas and they tend to approach the scriptures with a close mind. In other words, their mind is only open to what they have in their hearts to do or whatever topic or subject that they are concerned about or whatever they’re passionate about. They’re close-minded to the interpretations for the church but they’re open-minded only to their own agenda that they want to use that scripture for. And if you’re somebody that doesn’t know the Bible, you can be easily deceived because they make their point using the scriptures so convincing that you don’t feel like you need to check behind them after they say what they say, because it sounds credible. It sounds right. It sounds like it makes sense. And as a result of it sounding like it’s right, you don’t need to check behind them. You don’t need to test the spirit. You don’t need to go to God and pray. You don’t need to open up your Bible for yourself and allow God to interpret those same verses that they’re using to back up their opinions and see what it says to you. See what the scriptures say to your spirit, see what God says that they say to you.

So that’s the third thing that I noticed. And there were several things that I had heard this person say that didn’t sound right didn’t make sense. And the interpretation that they gave didn’t match up with mine. So I saw that not consistently, but I saw it often. So that’s one of the other things that I talked to God about it. He said, yes, that is another trait, that’s another characteristic, that’s another sign. When you’re dealing with a spiritual narcissist, they tend to twist the scriptures. But this is easy to miss if you’re someone that doesn’t check behind what they’re saying if you’re not someone that goes to the Bible for yourself because they can even read the Bible to you and give you their interpretation. And a lot of people will just take that as being valid but that’s not what God says, even if they’re reading the word of God in front of you, you still need to get the interpretation of that scripture by testing the spirit. It doesn’t matter how good it sounds. It doesn’t matter how solid it sounds. It doesn’t matter how much sense it makes. People can twist the scriptures to fit their own agendas and their own opinions, right in front of you, Satan uses scriptures to manipulate. Did he not?

He knew what the word of God said. He knew it when he tempted Jesus in his 40 days and 40 nights of fasting. But he used the scriptures to twist, he used the scriptures to fit his own agenda because he was trying to get Jesus to forfeit his destiny. That’s the same thing that the spiritual narcissist will do. They know scripture. They know enough scripture. They memorize enough scripture to meet their own agendas, to convince you to do something that is for them, not for God, has nothing to do with glorifying God but it has everything to do to glorify themselves. They use the scriptures to be deceptive. Hallelujah. Number four, this is a big one. A big one, big one, big one big one. The person with the narcissist spiritual spirit in them, they want to tell you how much you need to love somebody. They want to tell you how much you need to have compassion, how you need to love your brother, your sister, love, love, love, right. But they themselves do not show love. They themselves do not show compassion. They don’t practice what they preach. They tell you to love. They tell you to have compassion, but they don’t do it.

And as an example, God calls us to correct. God calls us to rebuke people in the church. He calls certain people to do that. The Bible says that you’re supposed to correct or rebuke your brother or sister in love, but the person, the spiritual narcissist does not do it in love. If anything, they’re doing it out of aggression, they’re mean, they do it in an attempt to tear down rather than to build up. Hallelujah. And as a result of how they correct, they bring division, they bring chaos. They rebuke and correct in a cruel way. When you’re speaking to someone out of love, people of God, it doesn’t come out as being cruel. It doesn’t come out as being disdained, it doesn’t cause division. But when you speak out of love, it comes with the compassion, it comes with the firmness. It comes with the solution. That’s what love is when you’re bringing God’s word when you’re bringing God’s corrections when you’re bringing God’s warnings. When you’re speaking from a heart of love, there is compassion that comes with that. It’s not to say that you’re condoning the sin of another, but that is the way that God tells us to speak to the brother because you can’t win the soul. You can’t win the brother or the sister to Christ when you’re talking down to them when you’re yelling and you’re screaming at them when you’re being aggressive when you’re coming at them in such a mean way. Hallelujah. You can only win souls, you can only correct, you can only rebuke from a spirit of love, from a heart of compassion. Hallelujah.

So that was another thing that I noticed people of God in the church when dealing with people that have this spirit, this spiritual narcissism. They don’t practice what they preach. They tell you to do things in love and in compassion, but they themselves don’t address people in that way. They don’t do it. And the Bible, tells us in Matthew, the whole chapter of seven Matthew, it says, we will know them by their fruits. We can judge the prophets by their fruit. We can judge the service of the Lord by their fruits. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. So when you’re speaking to the church as a leader, as a servant of the Lord, if you’re speaking out of love, then there will be good fruit. There will be fruit. But if you’re speaking from a heart of cruelty and you’re not speaking from a heart of compassion, well, you’re just bringing division. You’re bringing chaos to the church. That’s number four. Another sign that I encountered with the spiritual narcissist and this was confirmed through the doctor and also the literature that I researched. A person with this spirit tends not to listen all they want to do is talk. They want to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and they never want to listen. They like to talk over you.

And I encountered that so many times in conversations with people that carry this spirit and they don’t have the ability to listen. They don’t want to listen to what you have to say. Especially if you’re saying something to them that doesn’t agree with them. They don’t like it. Spiritual narcissists don’t like to be corrected. They don’t like to be rebuked. They don’t like for people to give them some kind of counsel. They tend to feel like they are superior to people having to speak to them about anything. Even though they themselves can rebuke and they can correct, or they can come to you about something. They can do it but if you try to do it to them, they won’t receive it. They won’t listen. They get offended when you try to speak to them about something, they get offended when you have even an opinion about something. And I noticed that. All they want to do is talk and tell you what they think and what they believe to be correct. But they don’t want to hear anything that you have to say.

And so the Lord led me to James chapter one verses 19 and I’m gonna read that. “Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position”. And that scripture simply means that the believer should be quick to hear and slow to speak. You don’t have to be the loudest one in the room. Sometimes silence is the best response to anything. Hallelujah. Number six, this is another one. I learned when I was dealing with the spiritual narcissist spirit that they tend only want to be surrounded by people that will listen to them. They only want to be around people that will listen to them and that will agree with whatever they think is true. They also like to deal with people that appear to be naive, soft-spoken, or somebody that they can run over, basically. And in my situation, I believe that this person didn’t see me as somebody that would necessarily agree with them, but they definitely mistake my kindness for weakness. This person took my kindness as a weakness. I always try to seek holy spirit on how to respond to something. And so that can come across as me being somebody that’s naive or afraid to approach conflict, which could not be further from the truth, guys. I’m telling y’all, if y’all really could see me in action, you would be like what? That’s Shenika. Yeah, I don’t play with people.

But I also have a knowing. I have a character that I like to carry in the body of Christ and God has taught me over the years how to respond and what things that I need to respond to and what things that I don’t need to respond to. So I tend to look like somebody that doesn’t have a backbone or somebody that’s not really so much aggressive. People take my kindness as a weakness sometimes. And I think that that’s what this person thought about me. And so as a result, they brought me into their circle because they thought that they will be able to somehow or another overpower me or take leadership in my life in some kind of way, or tell me what to do or tell me how to do stuff or use me in some kind of a way. Does that make sense? So that’s another thing that I noticed and I talked to the doctor about. People with this spirit tend to only cling to people that they can overpower or that they think that they can manipulate or they think that they could bully or that the person will agree with them all the time. They don’t bring people into their circle that disagrees with them. If they think that you’re disagreeing with them in any kind of way, they don’t want you nowhere near them, they only want people that agree with them or they feel like they can overpower them or take advantage of in some kind of way, whatever that thing may be, whatever agenda they have for that relationship.

A good example of this guys is in first Kings chapter 22, and it talks about Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, and Ahab king of Israel. And, you know, they try to join together to wage war against an enemy at that time. But Jehoshaphat was a little hesitant about that. So he decided to inquire upon the Lord for guidance in it because Ahab thought that they were going to win. And all of the prophets said that they were going to get the victory and all that kind of stuff. But Jehoshaphat was not convinced about that. So he asked around to see if there’s somebody that can help him inquire of the Lord. And prophet Micah came up, but Ahab didn’t want that. He was reluctant. Why? Because he said that every time prophet Micah would say something, every time he would go to him about something, he would never prophesy anything good. It was always a bad prophecy. You know what I’m saying? And so with that being said, the spiritual narcissist feels the same way. They are like Ahab, the king of Israel at that time where they don’t want to surround themselves by nobody that’s going to give them the right answer. They’re going to surround themselves with somebody that’s going to give them their answer. And we should not want to have a circle of people that makes us right all the time. You always want to have a balance of people to give you the part answers the corrections and the rebukes if necessary because we need that.

Nobody is perfect and nobody is always right about something. And we have to stand corrected on a lot of situations in our life sometimes whether we like it or not. We have to have this to build us up to teach us to train us so we can learn the ways of the Lord. Number seven, people with the spiritual narcissism in them and even everyday people, even everyday people this can happen to guys. They refuse to acknowledge when they’re wrong, they will not admit to their mistakes. They refuse to do it. They don’t feel like anything that they say or do is wrong. And the reason why they don’t like to acknowledge their mistakes is because it brings a humbling mechanism. It will require for them to have to humble themselves. And the last thing that a spiritual narcissist wants to do is to be humbled. Their goal is to be superior to other people. Their goal is to be of the highest authority, almost like their God, basically. And so when they make a mistake and this happened to me, when they make a mistake, they’ll tell you that, no, it’s not a mistake. And even when you bring them the evidence, the proof, what they call it, the receipts, they’ll still deny it. And they’ll still have some other type of explanation as to why their mistake is right or why their actions is right.

And I learned from the doctor that the purpose of them doing this is not only because they don’t like to humble themselves, but it’s a self-image. When you’re trying to build yourself up in the kingdom, in God’s church, the spiritual narcissists can’t let somebody know that they make mistakes, that they have errors in their ways. People have to know with them that they are always right, most of the time people. Got to know what the spiritual narcissists that they are the highest of authority and that their anointing is higher than anybody’s anointing. God is not talking to other people like they are talking to the person with the narcissist spirit. So when they make mistakes, they will never acknowledge them. Especially when it comes to something that they may be teaching, or if it comes to something that they may have said, they’ll never admit it. So what they’ll do is they’ll either hide it, get rid of it so you won’t see it or remember it, or they’ll try to talk their ways out of it. They’ll find some kind of explanation out of their mistake, out of their error. Hallelujah.

And to add to this, we know that humility is a requirement to be anybody in the kingdom. It’s a special gift. God allow for me to see that in Philippians chapter three, verses 13. In the text, it says brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do, forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. What does this mean, guys? It means that humility, walking in humility allows for us to learn from our mistakes, to learn from our faults, to learn from our errors, and to accept what we’ve done wrong and strive to become a better person because of it. It doesn’t say anything about being perfect. It doesn’t say anything about us not making a mistake because the Bible tells us that we all fall short of the glory of God. There’s only one perfect entity and that is God, that’s God. Praise the Lord. And then the eighth thing, oh boy, this is a big one too. People with spiritual narcissism inside of them, because we understand that it’s not the person, it’s the spirit that’s within them. They tear people down, they like to tear others down. When they reference other people that they are in disagreement with, they tend to do it with such tenacity. They love to criticize other people and try to perceive the feelings of another person even though they don’t really have the facts. Does that make sense? They like to make people really look bad and while they’re tearing someone else down they’re building themselves up as being the authority to say such a thing about another person.

They tend to bring words of condemnation to another. They tend to judge other people. And a lot of times its opinion added to the tearing down message that they give. It ain’t God, God does not use his people to condemn. God does not use his servant to judge. God does not use his servant to criticize anybody. He uses the servant to bring the correction and the rebuke but how is that to be done? The Bible says in Matthew chapter seven, in love, out of love and compassion. And just because you’re speaking a correction or a word to a person out of love does not mean that you’re downplaying sin doesn’t mean that because sin is a sin and it has to be addressed, but in order to win the person into repentance, you have to say it in love. If you’re speaking to someone from an angle of criticism, you’re not really helping the situation, you’re really making the situation worse. Hallelujah. You’re making the person or the people feel like there’s no coming back. Oh, glory be to God.

I see this in the church a lot, people of God, people are tearing each other down and I’m not talking about calling out the false prophet. Calling out a false profit is not the same as correcting your brother or your sister in the church. I spoke about that in a previous video guys. But it’s not always what you say, but it’s how you say it. Is it out of love? Is it out of compassion? Is it out of a desire to see that person change, to see a restoration in that person? Or are you saying what you’re saying in an attempt to tear down, to make that person look bad so that you look good in the eyes of people so that you look superior so that you look authoritative? Which one is it? Hallelujah.

Number nine. Another thing that I noticed is that people with the spiritual narcissist in them, they tend to be very, very aggressive. They tend to want to lead by force, forcing people to do things instead of leading by example, very heavy, heavy convincers. In other words, you need to do this this way and you better do it way or you’re going to go to hell. Leading by force, telling people what they’re supposed to do and it has to be done right then and there that way.

That way they don’t have to lead by example, forcing their agendas on people, come on, holy spirit. Forcing their agendas on people, telling people that there is no other way in a very aggressive way. And you know, there are many things that there are no other way. We know that you can’t get to heaven unless you go through Jesus Christ, right? So we know that there’s only one way to get to heaven. However, you don’t have to scream. You don’t have to holler. You don’t have to threaten people through your words and your voice, and the volume of your voice, you don’t have to try to scare people into something. The truth is the truth. And all you have to do is speak it and you can speak it in love and compassion. And guess what? God takes care of the receiver of your message. He’ll be the one to open up the heart and to open up the mind. It’s not your job to force your agenda on anybody. It’s not your job to force your teachings on somebody. It’s not your job to force whatever you are communicating on anybody.

All God is asking us to do is to speak, to preach, to teach and to prophesy, to serve and love. That’s all God wants us to do. And God also wants us to lead by example, lead by example, hallelujah. God says you can’t control every situation. It’s impossible. We as servants of the Lord cannot handle the burden of how people receive anything. Only God can do that. Number 10. The spiritual narcissist, whether they want to believe it or not, whether you want to believe it or not, if you’ve encountered, if you’re the victim, understand that the spiritual narcissist God is not first in their life because if he were, they would humble themselves and they would bring glory to God. They would give God the burden of helping the receiver to receive whatever message that they are being used to speak. What does the Bible say in Matthew chapter 22 verses 37 through 40? It says, love the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like, this… Love your neighbor as yourself, all the law and the prophets hang on to these two commandments.

And when the Bible says to love your neighbors to love others, that means that you’re a servant. You’re a servant. Your job is to serve God’s people, not to bring glory to yourself. Your agenda cannot be, what can I get out of this? But your agenda should always be, how can I please my father in heaven? How can I serve him? How can I work unto man, as if I am working unto the Lord? People that carry this spirit, people of God, God is not first in their lives. God is not first because they’re too busy trying to bring glory. They’re too busy trying to push their agendas off on people. They’re too busy shutting down correction and rebuke and good counsel. They’re too busy trying to remind people of their achievements. They’re too busy being judgmental and condemning people and cursing people. They’re too busy trying to elevate themselves in the kingdom. They’re too busy trying to become authoritative over other people, they’re too busy trying to be superior to other people. They’re too busy seeking attention from everybody. Everything is me, me, me and I, I, I, and nothing hardly is about God, nothing. And every now and again, you throwing God this and God that, but most of the time, it’s always about you. I, I, I, me, me, me, hallelujah.

The point to that guys is that people with this spirit in them are all about themselves. And most of the time you’re gonna hear “I” and “me” and everything. You’re gonna hear I did this first, I’m the one that, it’s me that you should be watching, it’s me that you should be listening to, me, me, I. Hallelujah. So those are the 10 signs that I encountered personally, guys. And like I said, it may be more. And I verified these with the doctor. I wish I could say her name, but she didn’t give me permission to. And also through my research guys. Again, test the spirit, test the spirit on this, take what you’ve learned here and review it and speak to the Lord and allow God to speak to you about what you may be encountering. I know that there are many people that are encountering these types of individuals in the kingdom. These people can be very dangerous because if you’re not careful, they will lead you into serving them instead of serving God. They will break you down so much so that you don’t think that you’re capable of having an impact in the kingdom. They will tear down your anointing. They will tear down your confidence in what you do in the kingdom because they’re always coming at you as being your superior or being better than you or bigger than you or knowing everything, over you. Be very careful.

Okay, guys, this is what’s happening in the church. And I encourage you all to do your own research as well.


By: (Shaneika Byars-Glover 9/13/2021)

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