Remembering God Using Simple Tools: Christian Accessories

Each cornerstone verse in the bible speaks about remembering God as the practice of worship and encourages one to remember his life, teachings, and his actions at each step of one’s daily living. 

No wonder, WWJD? Caught on quickly over the last decade. 

Today, we’ll address how you can use Christian accessories such as Christian coffee mugs and Christian clothing to help you remember His goodness, understand it and bring it to remembrance throughout the day. 

The Hebrew origin for the word – remember is “Zakar,” which not only means to bring to remembrance but also to think of or pay deep attention to. 

You may be wondering how you can do that using these items you get to purchase from the Christian clothing store.

  • Using Christian Coffee Mugs

Believers are taught as a practice to begin the day by spending quiet time with God, reading his words. This act of spending time to conduct a quiet time is often taken as a serious session; however, God wants us rather be in communion with Him, fellowshipping like you’re in the presence of the Father or a friend, rather than “King of all mankind.” 

At moments like this, make sure to head to our Christian clothing store and purchase your favorite Christian coffee mugs. Then each morning, as you sit in His presence grasping every word that comes out of His holy scripture, sip on your favorite warm or cold drink that makes this time of fellowship peaceful, keeping you warm and hydrated enough to listen to Him speak to you. 

Why is this crucial?

  • It is how He speaks to Us.
  • It is an act of glorifying God.
  • Jesus in 1 Corinthians 11:24 asks us to remember Him.
  • Remembering Him and His work helps us to see His beauty and wonders through past experiences of His faithfulness, even when we ourselves were unfaithful. 
  • Remembering helps us to navigate through life’s small and major decisions.

To be honest and thorough, the reason why these Christian coffee mugs are something I suggest you purchase is because of how much it has served to help me remember our Lord and remind me of His faithfulness towards me. It has been a blessing in my personal walk in the Lord. I do, therefore, urge you, my dear ones, to take on this blessing for yourself; however, if you do already have a favorite one that you use personally, ensure that you give one to your loved ones, a friend who just accepted the Lord as his/her Savior. There’s no better gift than to help one solidify their journey. 

My personal favorite Christian coffee mugs are – “Glory to Jesus Christ” & “We Come Humbly & Hungry 4 the Word of God”. The first one reminds me to glorify God regardless of my situations or circumstances. The second one reminds me to be humble when listening to God speak. It uses the Word of the Lord as a “double-edged sword” to pierce through and cut my self and ego to satiate the hunger for His word and correct myself while teaching me to obey. 

  • Using Christian Clothing from Christian Clothing Store

Ephesians 6:11 says – “Put on your whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.” Verses 10-18 urges us to remain strong in the Lord and put on the full armor. Using the verses of the bible and walking in the light of these verses is a great armor to put on. 

What better way to go about doing so than to wear clothing with bible verses or quotes reminding us to let go and let God instead. Go to the Christian clothing store section of our website to find an array of different clothing types such as t-shirts, racerbacks, tanks, crewneck sweaters, and hooded sweatshirts as well. Find the perfect one for you. 

In fact, if your best friend and you both share the same faith, you could twin together with the same clothing to your church or youth programs. Feel free to leave a review of your experience should you purchase something from us.

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