Prophetic Word: The Enemy’s Camp is about 2 Self-Destruct 💥They’re stabbing each other in the Back!

self destruct

Video Link: Prophetic Word: The Enemy’s Camp is about 2 Self-Destruct 💥They’re stabbing each other in the Back!

Blessings people of God!

Today I will not be before you long but I wanted to release a prophetic word for Gods people, Gods chosen ones.

This word definitely piggy backs of the last 3-4 prophetic messages God has given us in the last few weeks But most specifically, I want to highlight the post I made in my YouTube community concerning this new season of exposure and judgment.

God recently revealed to me that the reason for all these prophetic messages concerning our enemies, the bloodline witches, and any other wicked vessel is because we have officially entered a new cycle of Exposure and Judgment

And the Lord highlighted in that message that this cycle of Exposure and Judgment will proceed from July thru September.

People of God, I truly believe that God wants us to understand his position as alpha omega, king of kings, and Lord of Lords in that Yes He is a God of Mercy, Love, longsuffering, and compassion BUT he is also a God of Wrath and righteous judgment against all manners of wickedness, amen.

With that said, todays message is titled: the enemies camp is about to self destruct. They are stabbing each other in the backs.

Brothers and Sisters, the Lord is giving us insight into the enemies camp as a means of reassuring us that vengeance belongs only to Him and I also believe this message is yet another opportunity for all evil doers that might be watching or listening today to know that your cover has been blown and that you have officially entered into your cycle of being exposed and judged unless you repent, okay?

So with all that being said, you all know my stance, don’t come to me, go to God. God instructs me to send you back to him concerning his messages because I am just the messenger, amen? It is your responsibility to test the spirit behind this message and I even have a video in the description box below that help give you some easy tips on how to approach God concerning this word, ok?

Now I am going to release Gods word, the Lord says to listen carefully as I release the word of the Lord.

My beloved children, I have chosen to give you insight concerning the posture of your enemies to help encourage you to keep moving, to encourage you to keep opening up your mouths, to encourage you to keep your faith strong, to encourage you to follow me, to encourage you to trust me, the Lord your God, to encourage you to keep carrying your crosses, and to encourage you to be assured that I am always watching, says the Lord.

As I speak my message to you, your enemies camps are in a disarray, a state of confusion, they are stabbing each other in the backs, and they are rising up against each other. And as a result, they are going to self-destruct, says the Lord.

Sons and daughters, I am allowing all unrepentant evil doers to be touched by their own Father, satan. I am allowing for all wicked plots and plans to become your enemies own realities because of the posture of their hardened hearts says the Lord.

Many of you are witnessing or will soon witness the failures of the weapons that have been executed against you and Some of you will see chaos and calamities in the lives of those that opposed you says the Lord.

Many of you have witnessed or will witness the demise and wicked harvests received by those that have sown bad seed into the ground concerning you, says the Lord.

Some of you will see bickering and backbiting among those family members, coworkers, and people at a distance that were involved in trying to slander your name, destroy your character, or tear down relationships, says the Lord. And you will see financial and health crisis and the crumbling of relationships, buildings, business, jobs, and livelihoods that were built off of lies, slander, pride, gossip, and the many attempts they made to try and destroy you, says the Lord.

My beloved children, some of you will see these actions as being deserved and some of you may see these actions as being sad but I want you to know and believe the absolute truth in all of this, says the Lord.

All of you. All human-kind are subject to reap what they have sown. Do not be deceived: For I am God and I am not mocked. A man will reap what he sows and there will always be consequences for all actions man makes says the Lord.

Sons and daughters, I am not sharing this insight with you so that you may rejoice in the downfall of your enemies because I do not desire to see anyone perish. But I am only sharing insight with you to lift you out of worries or doubts that satan has aborted my plans for your life says the Lord. I am sharing this insight with you so that you can be reassured that my people, my chosen ones are not only protected by me. But they have the right to come to me, the Lord your God concerning all enemies, all opposition, or all manners of wickedness that comes your way, without fear says the Lord.

I will stop here with what I want to say says the Lord. But I tell you this, despite all that I have said, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Yes A new cycle of exposure has been executed by my hand But says the Lord, Do not be deceived and use this insight that I have given you as a weapon against your enemies. But instead pray for your enemies deliverance so that they might be saved, so that my grace and mercy might be extended to them just as I have extended these things to you, says the Lord.

Take heed my beloved. This is my word. Says the living God.

By: Shaneika Byars Glover (July 25, 2022)

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