Prophetic Word: The Bloodline Witch will MISS IT + be Dealt with by God! 🙏🏾The Family Witch Falls!


Video Link: Prophetic Word: The Bloodline Witch will MISS IT + be Dealt with by God! 🙏🏾The Family Witch Falls!

Blessings people of God!

So today I was led by the spirit of the Lord to come on and release a word about a prevalent dark force that the bible speaks about and as a result we are seeing it everywhere including our own families.

So, in last few months I have been seeing comments from Brothers and Sisters in Christ that say that since they dedicated their lives to God, their spiritual eyes have been opened and they now recognize that the source of their warfare, pain, sickness, illness, and loss has been coming from their own family members and they didn’t even realize it!

I also recently received insight and confirmation from God concerning the family witch that has been keeping a set of siblings in my family divided for years, ok?

I need you all to understand that not only is this word for some of you but it is also for me!

As you all can see, the title of this message is:

The bloodline witch will miss it and be dealt with this time.


Because God has something to say about this situation in your life. God has a word for the person watching today that NOW recognizes the family witch for who they really are.

God also says that this word is ONLY for the Adult Servant of the Lord that recently had a spiritual awakening concerning the Female family witch or witches.

With that being said, you all know my stance. Don’t come to me, Go to God. I am just the messenger and it is your responsibility to test the spirit behind this message. I even have a video in the description box below that will give you some tips on how to approach God concerning this word, amen?

People of God, some of you, since you were a child all the way through your adult years have experienced being around those family members in which you never felt comfortable around or they always seemed to look down on you.

Some of you as children or maybe even in your adult years have dealt with family members who tended to pick on you, or try to bully you when your guardians weren’t looking, or make comments about how you look or talk down to you.

Some of you as children or adults have had family members where they treated your cousins or your siblings differently than you and you always felt left out of some the family plans or activities.

Some of you are members of families that are divided because of slander, gossip, jealousy, envy, and the lies that were told by your aunt, you uncle, your Mother or Mother-in-law, your Father, or Father-in-Law, your Sister or Sister-in-law, or your Brother or Brother-in-law, right?

And there are even some of you that have experienced unexplained illness suddenly coming upon you or sudden nightmares out of nowhere after visiting their home, amen?

A few of you have certain family members that stopped talking to you or stopped inviting you to family functions for no reason and now what they do is they purposely invite other family members because they know you will find out and they want you to feel some type of way.

Some of you as of Today, July 4, 2022, are still experiencing old rivalry’s and division in your family because of the lying narratives that your aunt, your uncle, your cousin, or maybe even your own offspring spread around in the family, amen?

But this time God has revealed to you who the culprits are and who the culprits have always been.

With that said, the Lord recently revealed to me and many of you, who the family witch or witches are and it is them that is partly the cause of your family division.

But before I release the prophetic word:

We must define what a witch is. Not by own words but by, what the bible says a witch is, ok?

So according to the KJV av1611 it says:

1. A woman who makes a pact with the devil, or practices sorcery or enchantment. A woman who is given to unlawful arts.

We also see in the bible that sorcery is defined as being a form of witchcraft which we know to be detestable in the eyes of God, right?


Because witchcraft is a form of divination that requires the assistance of evil spirits.

People of God, we must understand that witchcraft is not always about magic, spells, or voodoo.

But witchcraft also derives from words that are spoken which also have the power to curse or inflict harm on a person or a whole family unit.

So with these biblical definitions in our minds, this is what the Lord says about that family witch.

Listen people of God. Hear the word of the Lord!

The bloodline witch was assigned by satan to divide the family generations and assigned to to destroy family bonds says the Lord.

The family witch has been using sorcery in the form of gossip, lies, slander, manipulation, and using forces from the spirit realm to negatively influence your family dynamic and family members such as yourself, your brother, your sister, your mother or father says the Lord.

The bloodline witch has been assigned to attack specific family members that will not submit to them or are seen as having the grace of God on their lives and the family witch has been assigned to keep certain family members stagnant and in bondage to their company and no one else says the Lord.

The blood line witch has even been assigned to her own children as to create division and to manipulate her own children to go against their siblings, cousins, or grandparents says the Lord.

My beloved children, I warned you of this dark truth through my servants that Jealousy, envy, slander, witchcraft, and sorcery are not practices that are exempt in families or bloodlines says the Lord.


Because as my word says in Galatians 5:19-21

The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; 20 idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions 21 and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

This means that your sinful natures can potentially gravitate to participating in witchcraft without realizing it and this is the case regarding the witch in your family says the Lord.

The family witch is aware of her practices but she is unaware of me even though she used to know me as a child says the Lord.

I have called her several times over the years, brought conviction to her spirit and I have even pointed out her sins by using her daughter, her son and even her husband to speak to her. But to no avail, she continues to practice her sorcery that keeps the family divided says the Lord.

But now that my beloved children that I have called have answered, I purposely opened their blind eyes to show them the bloodline witch so that they would consult the one that has their best interest at heart, says the Lord.

I ordained this spiritual awakening for this day so that my people could finally be informed and warned that demonic forces are present in their own families and they must be privy to this truth says the Lord.

I have shielded you all these years from losing your lives or suffering a demonic fate because of your ignorance, and because of your youth but today, now that you are enlightened and old enough, I the Lord your God will now deal with the family witch and her sorcery will miss you this time says the Lord.

God says to repeat that.

I have shielded you all these years from losing your lives or suffering a demonic fate because of your ignorance, and because of your youth but today, now that you are enlightened and old enough, I the Lord your God will now deal with the family witch and her sorcery will miss you this time says the Lord.

Come to me concerning this matter and allow me to give you your next steps, why says the Lord?

Because some of you will be asked to separate yourself from the family witch and you will soon learn of my judgment towards them if they refuse to repent says the Lord.

Therefore my beloved children, hear the word of the Lord. I want you to pray for the family witch as if you were praying for your own selves. Pray for her so that she might be awakened, delivered, and restored just as you were in all of this, says the Lord.

So people of God, that is the word from the Lord. Take heed and seek our Father in Heaven if this word applies to you, okay?


By: Shaneika Byars Glover (July 4, 2022)

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