Ponder On THIS! – For What Is Coming… 🌟 (Prophetic Word: Your FOCUS Will Be Key)


Video Link: Ponder On THIS! – For What Is Coming… 🌟 (Prophetic Word: Your FOCUS Will Be Key)

Glory to Jesus Christ! I hope that you all are well in the Lord!

So again guys, this Monday, I’m not going to be before you long, but I have a very important, what I will say prophetic word for the child of God, where the Lord has drawn you into your assignment. You’ve come out of the wilderness, and you are currently in your assignment and God has other things for you to do. God has given you a strategy, He has given you a plan and now you’re in it. You’re absolutely in it.

I want to speak to you specifically. So this word is not going to be for every single person, but this is for those of us that are in our assignments right now, as I am speaking to you, we are doing what God has called us to do in this season.

The Lord had me pondering on some things, and I’m going to be a little bit transparent with you guys today because there’s something that happens in everybody’s lives, we’re all human. Even though we have different positions in God’s kingdom, that does not exempt us from having feelings and emotions, discouragement, you know, sometimes even confusion, even though the Bible tells us that God does not bring that to us, right? But God wanted me to give you a very important nugget, a tool to put in your toolbox of armor because you’re gonna need it, child of God, to get through this assignment, to get to the end, to be successful, to accomplish the purpose and the plan that God has ordained for your life. The Lord says that this is going to be key. This is going to be key to what you are going to face in the future, to what you’re going to face that is coming your way as you are operating in the assignment or assignments that you are in. These assignments look all kinds of ways, guys, it could be ministry. It could be your business. It could be organizations. It could be marriages, or you could be leading a family.

Whatever God has called you to do is an assignment. And it doesn’t matter what it looks like when God himself asks you to do something. When God himself gives you the grace to do something when God himself catapult you into something for the kingdom of God to serve him wholeheartedly. Hallelujah. So this is what God is saying. And I know that you guys have heard this before and I have too, and I know that it sounds easier said than done, but God is saying that you are going to have to get this into your spirit because it is this very thing that causes many of God’s people to fail, to give up, to turn back, to get discouraged, to abandon what God has called you to do. God says this, what you focus on is what you give power to. Let me say that again. God says, what you focus on in this season is what you give power to.

Now, I said earlier, I was going to be transparent. There’s some things guys, and I’m not going to lie, that I have been focusing on. There are some people that I have been focusing on. There are some situations and circumstances that I have been focusing on and these particular things and people have done something to me in some kind of way that really rubbed me the wrong way.

And I’ve been focusing on, you know, when God is going to deal with them, I’ve been focusing on when God is going to turn the situation around when God is going to fix it. And I found myself so involved with trying to figure that part out that I was abandoning my assignments and I was abandoning my own spiritual heart, my own spiritual pasture. I was abandoning family members. And so I found that I was being, or doing a disservice to God’s kingdom. I wasn’t following along with what God really wanted me to do because I was so focused on those things that were irrelevant. I was focusing on things that had nothing to do with how God was going to use me to serve his people. And I’m finding that in you guys, I’m seeing that in your emails, I’m seeing that in the comment section, many of you are frustrated. You’re trying to figure out how come this person is getting away with that. You’re trying to figure out why this person is doing that and it’s not working for you. Why is this person so wicked, but still prospering? Why is this person getting away with what they did to you a year ago, six months ago, five months ago?

Why? Hallelujah! We’re asking these questions, while we’re focusing on these things. And as a result of us focusing on these things, we’re giving it power. We’re giving it our mind. We’re giving it our time. We’re giving it our attention. And it is taking us away from what is important, which is to serve God. The Bible says that we are to work unto man to serve him and to walk in all of his ways as if we are working unto the Lord, we need not to be distracted or discouraged by what the enemy is trying to have us focus on. Do you hear what I’m saying? And listen, this is important. This is very important that if you’re focusing on something that is irrelevant, if you’re focusing on something that is taking your attention away from God’s kingdom, then God is saying that this is the time that you need to re-evaluate it and find ways to re-shift your focus on the things that He wants you to do. Hallelujah!

God says, stop worrying about how it looks on the other side. Stop worrying about how come it looks like it’s better for that person. Stop worrying about how come the enemy is still doing what they’re doing. God says he’s going to take care of that. He doesn’t want you to focus on that. Stop focusing on that because it’s taking away from your promise, your blessings, your development, your success, and whatever assignment God has for you to do. And the Lord is saying that when you begin to focus on the kingdom first, him first, and keep your mind on the assignments that he has given you, you will see a shift. You will see a change. You know why? Because you’re no longer focused on that thing. You’re no longer giving power to that negative thing. You don’t have time to focus on something that is irrelevant to your position in the kingdom. I need you to get this into your spirit, people of God.

Listen. I’m guilty of it. And I’ve overcome that and therefore, I need you all to do the same. So be encouraged. Keep going, do not be distracted by the enemy. Continue to push through the assignments that God has given you. He has given you the grace to complete your assignments. And at the end of the road, you’re going to hear the Lord say job well done my faithful servant. Do you hear the word of the Lord?

That is the word for today.

By: Shaneika Byars Glover (October 25,202

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