IMPENDING Prophetic Warning: Pipeline Issues are arising 🚰 (Here is your strategy!)


Video Link: IMPENDING Prophetic Warning: Pipeline Issues are arising 🚰 (Here is your strategy!)

Blessings. Glory to Jesus Christ.

I have a prophetic warning and impending warning, I believe it’s gonna be. And it concerns our pipelines. And I’m gonna explain to you how this warning came about. I believe that this word is for a very select few of you, and I’m going to identify the people that I believe this word is for. So with that being said, test the spirit, people of God, behind this message. I have a video in the description box that will show you how to test the spirit. It is your responsibility to take this word to the father in heaven, not me. I’m just the messenger. Praise God.

So as you can see, the title is pipeline issues are arising. Pipeline issues are arising. Here is a strategy. So, people of God, I believe the Lord gave me this word to bring warning, to bring identification to it. And then also to provide us with some sort of a means to have a strategy in place if you happen to be one of the people that God is speaking to today. Also, I released a video about a month ago and it was called prepare for scarcity. And in that video, God was talking to us about the scarcity that is rising. In other words, we’re already experiencing scarcity, but in these areas of water, medication, and food, God was speaking to us about that and how important it was for us to prepare. He used the book of Proverbs chapter six verses six through eight, where Solomon talks about how diligence is necessary to prepare. Now, God doesn’t tell us to worry about tomorrow. He only wants us to focus on today, but at the same time, preparing is different from worry. So there’s nothing wrong with planning for the future. Not to say that we’re gonna make it, but preparing is smart. And that is what Solomon speaks to us about in the book of Proverbs chapter six.

So about three days ago, my water just stopped working like it was working the last time I remember the previous night, and when I got up the next day to turn the water on it wasn’t working. And I thought, wow, here we go again. Why am I saying that? Because, well, we’ve lost water in our area several times in the past year, I want to say we have had about maybe seven or eight instances, maybe more in the year where my water just went completely out, I mean, not even a drip. And I would have to call and find out what was going on. But mostly, I would get notifications that the water was off and they were working on it. Now, this particular time was very special because God had been speaking to me about the pipeline. God had been speaking to me about water. God continues to speak to me about the scarcity of water. And so I just thought that maybe God was gonna give me maybe a part two to the video that I had already released, but God gave me something very specific. And he used this situation in my own life to bring forth the revelation, to bring forth the warning for me to deliver to those of you.

And so, again, my water was off. I called the water company and reported it and I asked them, when did they expect the water to be back on? And they said they didn’t know cause they just started getting reports in the morning. And it hasn’t really filtered through their system to send out the notifications. So I said, okay, I hung up the phone. And then within about maybe five minutes of me hanging up the phone with this young woman, I got an alert, a notice on my phone. And I looked and I saw the water company and I kind of ignored it cause I just said, okay, well they’re just letting us know that our water is out. But the holy spirit said I want you to read the notice. So I read the notice, people of God. And when I read it, it said, boil your water. You need to boil your water. We’re having some kind of issues with the water. It’s very important that you boil your water for such an amount of time and so on and so forth.

And I thought, well, why are they sending us a notification to boil water? And we don’t even have any water. Like I have no running water. So I called the people back and I asked the lady. I said I don’t know if you got my report. I don’t know if you got any of our reports in the neighborhood or whoever’s in the area that has no water but I just want to make sure you got the report. And she said, yes ma’am we have it. And I said, well, okay, why are you all sending a notification telling us to boil our water when we don’t have any? So she was like, oh well that’s protocol, anytime we have some sort of an issue with our water it’s out or there’s a breach or something happens, we automatically send those notifications out in advance is what she said. Because when the water does come back on, when we finally do get it back going, we need for people to be informed, to boil it before they drink it. And so I said, okay. And so I hung up the phone with her and I thought, wow, God, that’s really strange. And he said, no, it’s not strange, it’s not. He said I’m using you to speak this word. He said the word is pipeline issues are arising. When you were hearing pipeline that was me speaking to you about what was coming, what will come. And I’m using you to speak this warning, this impending danger that may come to many in advance.

And so, people of God, I believe this word is for a very small narrow group of you. God used my situation to identify who you are. So the Lord is saying that there are families that will experience or have been experiencing frequent turning off of your water, like loss of water. You not being able to have water for an extended amount of time. For me, it was a whole day and a half. In the past, it’s been a few hours up to about a day and a half. And so God is saying that this word is for the people that are experiencing frequent water losses, frequent water losses where your water is getting cut off. Not because you didn’t pay the bill, but beyond your control and you go in your kitchen and there’s no water. You go to your bathroom, there’s no water, you come home and there’s no water. And this is something that has been happening in your neighborhood, in your home frequently over the past 12 months. There are two components. There is God warning us of water shortages, us getting prepared on how we’re gonna have enough water to take care of ourselves and our families. And also there are instances where there are some of your households where you have lead in your water. I heard lead in the water. The Lord says that he needs for you all to test your water, test your water.

This is the other component of the water loss. It’s almost like God is shutting the water down to get you the info that you need to test your water. Water that has lead in it, people of God, is flavorless. It has no flavor. So there’s no way of you knowing that there is lead in your water. And so the strategy here is that God says that many of you will need to test your water. He’s talking about older homes, households that have older piping in there they tend to have lead deposits in there. And it’s some kind of way that it oxidizes itself and it gets into the water. God is saying that the problem doesn’t come from the plants where the water is being treated before it comes to your home. But once it comes to your home and it goes through your pipes, that is where the lead is. And so God is saying that the strategy for you, you group of people, God says to test your water, test your water. Because some of you may have been exposed to lead. God is saying that there are tests and the CDC says that there are tests that you can get there. They’re not that expensive.

And if you find that there is lead in your water, this is the strategy. There are filters that are available to you to be able to put on your sinks, to filter out the lead that’s in the water. God is saying that boiling your water is not going to clean it. The CDC confirms that on their website. They say that if there’s lead in your water, boiling it is not going to suffice. And so God says that you can get your water tested, hallelujah. And if there is lead in the water, you can talk to your water company about it. You can go to them and see how they’re gonna fix it and whatever they need to do to get it addressed. But in the meanwhile, you’ll need to buy filters to filter your water. So that is the impending warning. God says that there are a select few of you that have been experiencing water loss in your home. In other words, not being able to use your water. God is saying that this is a warning to you. If it’s been happening frequently, there are two things that he needs for you to focus on.

The first strategy is to test the water, make sure there’s no lead in the water, report it to your water company. And the second strategy is, is that God is really trying to position you to be prepared. I believe that it is revelation and warning that he’s trying to get you to be really prepared because see, God is saying one day, the water is gonna go out and not come back on. And so what is your prep plan for when the water really goes out? Do you have storage? Do you have water set aside for those emergencies? I believe that God is using this as a warning for some of the families that are watching today to get prepared with your water and for the other group of people and families today, God is saying to test your water, says the Lord.

So that’s the warning. And I wanted to release that to you all today, to put you on. Remember, God never gives warning without a strategy in place. God never gives warning to impose fear, but God gives us warning to give us insight and to help us to prepare for what is coming. Praise to living God!


By Shaneika Byars-Glover (April 25, 2022)

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