Honoring God with My Clothing Choices

We’re well into the second week of entering the New Year, and we may have, at the beginning of the New Year, recommitted ourselves to the Lord. And within this second week, we found ourselves gravitating towards old habits. As a woman of God, we are asked to hold ourselves up to higher standards, and doing so in this high-fashion age & day can be extremely challenging & stressful. Even with the presence of plenty of Christian clothing stores around us today! 

I mean, I feel it & I bet you feel it too! What does one do then? 

Of course, we find ourselves referring back to the source of life and our ways – the scriptures, and today, as a sister in Christ, let’s ponder upon how each one of us women can honor God with our clothing choice. 

The church in Corinth reminds us of the modern-day world – ridiculously filled with sexual immorality and a disobedient generation. Are we too similar in this manner? Or are we, as Romans 12:1-2 verses says – “offering our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. And as an act of worship, not conforming to the patterns of this world but renewing ourselves by His transformation.”

Too deep a question to ponder? Let’s see it another way! 

Here are some tips on how we, as modern-day believers & women, honor God with our clothing choices: 

  • Remember that Our Bodies Aren’t Own

Scriptures remind us multiple times that our bodies aren’t merely our own but are a temple of God and, therefore, demand the respect and love that God does. As a believer, it is extremely important that we cover our bodies up in a respectful and modest manner as opposed to adapting to the ways of the world. It further goes to explain that God created men to be visual creatures who, given a chance, will lust after women, should women’s bodies not be covered up modestly. Wearing hoodies, t-shirts and racerbacks are all modest clothing that falls under those categories.

Humble plug: The Shaneika U4C website too has a Christian clothing store where you can avail yourself of gorgeous yet decent clothing for sisters in Christ. Do take a look at the collection of clothing that honors God while keeping you looking radiant with the clothing choices you have before you. 

  • Remember that our bodies were bought with a price. 

If Christmas has taught us anything, it is – The best Christmas gifts are not the ones under the tree, but the One hanging on the tree, for you and I. This brings to recollection the undeserving sacrifice the Lord has made on our behalf by giving His only begotten Son to save our lives – teaches us that our bodies and lives have been bought with a price of selfless sacrifice. To wear inappropriate clothing (aka non-christ approved clothing) would be to dishonor him. I sincerely hope that none of us ladies forget this nor falter in this manner. At the same time, if your gal-friends and your troupe are planning on decking up for the New Year youth meeting yet to start, it may be pretty awesome to have matching attires on. Be sure to check our hoodies and t-shirts at our Christian clothing store. 

  • If you are in doubt about your clothing choices, seek in prayer the counsel of the Holy Spirit. 

What can seem indecent, immoral, or inappropriate to one could feel pretty decent, moral, and appropriate to someone else. Who then is to judge? Not you! Not me! On such days, seek divine counsel from the Lord, and He will let the Holy Spirit guide and speak to you! Remember to never let anyone else – your boyfriends, men in the church, or others be the reason you change your clothing. Sure, it may sound a bit contradictory to the points above. But, the only one who can make that decision is your conviction with the voice and the Word of the Lord. So seek it earnestly, my friend! 

These three tips can go a long way in helping you decide and define your clothing choices while honoring God above all else. At the same time, while you are looking through our collection of clothing on the online store, do feel free to check out the Christian coffee mugs, especially the Christian travel mug. You can easily carry them from place to place – say from home to your workplace or while doing your errands.

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