Hep A reveals the current State of our Food 🍱 A Prophetic Warning!


Video Link: Hep A reveals the current State of our Food 🍱 A Prophetic Warning!

Glory to Jesus!

So I just wanted to release a quick warning. I noticed something on the news a day or so ago, and I took it as what it was. I didn’t have any anticipation on going any further than what I saw, but the Lord really nudged me. The Lord says that it is important because bringing this to light is an indicator of what we are going to be seeing in the future. This is nothing new. There are many prophetic voices that have been speaking about our food supply, speaking about our water issues. But there’s something about this particular topic that is really ushering in a prophetic warning for the body of Christ. This is a sure sign that we are headed in the direction of having issues with our water supply food supply.

Now the other day I watched a news broadcast in reference to hep A, it is a disease of the liver, it’s an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. And so when I went back to do the research on this particular virus I noticed that it can be transmitted in different ways. The CDC says that hep A can be transmitted through drug use, unstable housing, or homelessness. But what really stood out to me in this broadcast that I saw, it was an outbreak of Hep A in New Jersey. It was at a Starbucks restaurant and there was one employee that was infected with this virus. And as a result, it was spread to hundreds of other people. And the CDC also states that this virus is transmitted through contamination of food and water, food, and water. So we can come in contact with food or water that is contaminated with this virus and get this virus.

And that is what God is saying. God is saying that we are at a point in time where we even have to be cautious of what we’re drinking and what we’re eating. See right now, we’re still in a place where we just go and we eat, we sit down and we have coffee at Starbucks. We go to a restaurant and we just eat. And we don’t think twice about what we’re ingesting, but God is saying that this is a time in which we cannot do that anymore. This is a time in which disease is spreading throughout the land. And he is requiring for us to exercise wisdom in all that we do. And to begin to prepare for the precautions that we need to make for our families, even if that means purifying our own water, eating from home more instead of eating out. And also just the basic stuff that a lot of us forget to do, which is to pray over our food. I watch people eat all the time and they don’t pray. I don’t hear anybody giving thanks and asking God to cleanse our water and cleanse our food.

So God is saying that this is a primary indicator of what we should expect to see. We’re gonna see an increase of any virus that is set to come from food and water. And as we are going into the holidays, people are cooking. And that’s not to say that we can’t gather, but God is saying that we need to be more cautious in how we are ingesting our food and water. We are going to see an increase. This is a part of the transitioning that we’re going through into the end times, people of God. Now CDC says that there is a vaccine to prevent this, but there is no cure for it. So if you were to encounter this, your body itself would have to heal itself over a period of time. CDC recommends that you just get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. But God is just saying that these are the expectations that the church should be expecting to see. And it’s not anything for us to be fearful about because God is our protector. God is our provider and he’s bringing notice to the church so that we are more mindful and that we are exercising discernment as we are making choices in food and water, outside of our homes, outside of the capacity for us to be able to see whether this is something that we need to have.

Now, we can’t control everything. We can’t see everything. God is not expecting that. God says that he will take care of those things that we cannot see. He will take care of the things that we have no control over, but God is holding us accountable for being more observant of our intake of water, being more observant of our intake of food. And if that means that we gotta stay home and eat, then that’s what we need to do. God is saying no longer can we just go out and pick up something. We’re gonna have to get to a place that we are exercising wisdom in those foods and drinks that we are intaking into our bodies. So this is a warning. God says that this is not a fearful warning, but it is a warning for us to be more discerning in our daily living, as it relates to what we are eating and what we are drinking.


By: Shaneika Byars-Glover (November 24, 2021)

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