God is giving what You Asked for ✨ (Prophetic Word: This Blessing will be a Test 4 you)

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Video Link: God is giving what You Asked for ✨ (Prophetic Word: This Blessing will be a Test 4 you)

Glory to Jesus Christ. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Hello brothers. Hello, sisters in Christ. I hope that you all are well in the Lord. It’s so good to see you guys. And as always, I am honored to be your sister in Christ. I thank you guys for coming to hear what thus sayeth the Lord. I will not be before you long. I hope that you all are resting. People of God, this is definitely a period of resting and listening and a time of silence. I’m noticing that the words that God is filling my spirit with, you can tell that he’s walking with us. You can sense that he is slowly getting us to the places where we need to be. And in order for us to hear him clearly, we gotta be quiet. We gotta be listening to what he’s saying. We have to be resting in him.

So this word I’m very excited to release. God says it was okay for me to come on and prophesied to you. This word manifested from Matthew chapter seven, verse seven. And in that verse, it says, ask, and it will be given to you seek and you will find, knock and it will be given to you. And as I meditated, I began to repeat those words over and over and over again. I began to hear God say, you asked for it. Tell your brothers and sisters, they asked for this, they asked for this. And I said, well Lord, what did they ask for? And he began to reveal. He said, Shenika this next blessing that your brother and your sister is going to receive, it is going to be the result of what they asked for, but it will come with a test. And so guys in the last video, if you remember that I released this past Monday, God was warning us in that video to reevaluate our connections and what we choose to believe in. Re-Evaluate the people that we’re following, reevaluate the doctrines that we believe in.

Why? Because God does not want us to be judged with the wicked when he suddenly removes the foreigners that have illegally entered into our land. So with that being said, while we are waiting on God to honor his word. God is saying that he is going to release that blessing. He’s going to release that promise that we previously asked for. God is saying that it won’t be everything. God says you’re not going to get every single blessing or promise that you prayed for. But he says it will be at least one that you asked for. And he is going to suddenly, as he is suddenly cleaning up the land, he is going to suddenly release this blessing, release this promise into your life. Hallelujah. The Lord says that this thing or person or circumstance is something that you are going to need in order for you to complete your assignment in your land.

God says that this sudden promise or blessing will be what you asked for. God says that you previously prayed for this. God says, and now he’s going to release what you asked for. But here is what the Lord is saying as well. And he said, listen carefully, beloved. This next blessing will also be trying. And it will also test your faith. It will test your confidence. God says it will test what you believe, it will test your endurance. It will test your willingness. It will test your loyalty to Jesus. Hallelujah. God says the reason why he is releasing this blessing or this promise before your land is completely cleared is because you need to be trained on how to embrace your blessing. You need to be trained on how to Stuart your promise. You need to be trained on how to communicate with this blessing. You need training on how to function in your gifts with this blessing. You need training on how to function in your known hunting with this promise. And you need training on how to discipline yourself with this blessing. And God says, and when you have completed your training, your lands will be cleared by then, and you will be able to complete your assignments for the Lord by operating through or with the blessing or with the promise that you previously asked for. God says many of you are not even going to see what you’re asking for as being what you asked for. What does God mean by that? What he means is many of you are expecting for your blessing or your promise to come the way you saw it. But God says that it will not come like that. God says that when he suddenly releases this blessing, it will come just as you asked for it, but not the way you saw it. God says that this blessing is going to come in the form of a person in the form of a place or a thing or a circumstance. And it will be much bigger than what you anticipated. It will be overwhelming. And God is saying that many of you are going to see it in the beginning as being good. But then the enemy is going to try to trick your mind and say that it is a curse.

The enemy is going to try to convince you that it’s too much. The enemy is going to try to say that God gave you the wrong promise or God gave you the wrong blessing. But God says that that could not be further from the truth that the devil is a liar. And that what he is suddenly releasing into your life is exactly what he ordained for you. It is exactly tailored to you specifically. It is the right blessing. It is the right promise. God says beloved, it will be what you asked for. God says you asked for this. And God says, when it comes, you will need to pass the test of keeping it. God says, you asked for it and you must receive the blessing without fear. You must receive the promise, without doubt, you must receive your blessings and promises without complaints. Why? Because you will need this sudden thing that God is going to give you to prosper in your land. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

The Lord says beloved, you asked for it. You asked for it. And now you shall receive. So, people of God, that is the word from the Lord on today, before I get off of here, let us say a quick prayer. Dear heavenly father, dear Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, we love you. We love you so much because you love us more than we love ourselves. Father, we just appreciate your warnings, your instructions, your encouragement, your discipline. We know that all of these things are designed to help us endure this walk with you as we are waiting to walk into the kingdom of heaven. Father, we ask that you continue to rule and reign in our hearts. We ask that you continue to guide our steps. We ask Lord that you continue to talk with us and walk with us for all the rest of our days. Father, you are the alpha omega king of Kings and Lord of Lords. And we invite you to continue to be our master and our best friend. Father, we give you all glory, honor, and praise in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth we pray, Amen and Amen.

Remember guys, we are here on purpose to glorify God in Jesus’ holy name. I thank you guys for subscribing to Shenika Byars United for Christ. I thank you guys for subscribing to our second channel, United for Christ prayer room. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our second channel, I encourage you to do so. It’s a place where you have the opportunity to work out your own salvation. The goal of it is to keep you uplifted and encouraged, no matter what stage of faith you are in. If it is the Lord’s will I plan to be back here on Monday around about four o’clock. And if anything changes guys, I will let you know. I want you all to be blessed and I just love you so much. Have a great day. Bye.


By: Shaneika Byars (April 22, 2021)

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