GOD has YOUR Back! (But it looks like an Attack is Brewing…) ✅ MUST HEAR! – Prophetic Word


Video Link: GOD has YOUR Back! (But it looks like an Attack is Brewing…) ✅ MUST HEAR! – Prophetic Word

Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope that you all are well in the Lord. I’m so happy to be back in your presence. And I thank you guys for coming. I thank you all for your prayers and for contacting me. I hope that you all have had a fantastic week so far, praise God, and also that you all have been reading your Bibles. Amen. So, guys, I have a prophetic word that I need to share with the body of Christ. It took me some time to release this word because I thought that it was only for me, but God began to reveal that it is for the body of Christ as well. And God says that there are two parts to this prophetic word. And I had to go through what I went through in order to be able to release this word at this particular time. So God had perfect order and timing as to when he wanted me to release this. I want to start off by saying that this word is not for every person, this word is only for the righteous. And I’m going to tell you why it is only for the righteous.

So first of all, guys, this word comes from scripture that the Lord gave me. I was resting and in my sleep, I remember hearing Job eight. And when I woke up guys, I said, Job eight. I spoke it out. And as I was processing that, I began to recognize that God was beginning to press upon me, the word that will come with it. And so of course, when you hear scripture, when you see scripture or God is highlighting scripture to you, what do you do? You go to scripture. So I went to the book of Job chapter eight, and I began to read it. And as I was reading the word, people of God, all of a sudden I started feeling relief because as I was reading the word, it was describing some of the things that I had been going through for the last few months. And most people that read this particular text, they would see it as detrimental because, in the book of Job, we know that Job experienced a lot of suffering. He lost his children. He lost his possessions. In addition to people coming against him saying and accusing him of needing to repent. Otherwise, he would not have been going through what he was going through.

But that is not the way the spirit of the Lord gave it to me. It was relief because if you notice Job was a righteous man, Job didn’t do anything wrong. The Bible says that Job was a man of great faith. Job was a man of righteousness and God believed that about Job. And as a result of that, people of God, God allowed Satan to attack him so much so that anybody that did not know God, anybody that did not have a relationship with God, anybody that did not understand that God is almighty and that he would never leave you or forsake you, they would have lost their minds in this situation. But Job knew what was going on. Job understood that a righteous man will suffer. And sometimes the adversary will prosper. God began to say that to me, beloved, this is what has been happening to you. People of God, I have been through a time in my life in the last four to six months. And God finally revealed to me what was happening in my life. He said, beloved, I allowed for you to go through these different trials and tribulations and tests in these last few months because I was preparing you to lead the way.

Not only was I testing your faith, not only was I testing you’re believing in me that I would never leave you nor forsake you. But I was also setting you up to be able to encourage your sisters and your brothers. The prophetic word for today, people of God and I know that you do not expect this, but God is saying that we are in a period of transitioning and there is a two part to this. There are some that are coming out of their Job experiences and there are others that are getting ready to go into their Job experiences. God says your Job experience may not be as intense as Job’s was, but it will be as intense as the Lord allows it to be because it will be according to your purpose for God’s kingdom. Why is this happening? Because God says that he never promised that this journey with him would be easy, but he will always be training and testing our faith. He will always be bragging on us to Satan, letting say to know that he knows that although we have done nothing wrong, there are times in which he will test his children. There are times in which he will test the righteous to see that your faith is as great as you portray it to be that your faith is as great as you tell him that your faith is as great as you are saying to other people in your life.

God says there will be periods where the righteous will suffer even as the evildoers, even as the wicked will do well even as the wicked seem to be prospering. And God is saying that this is purposely set for his people. He is purposely setting this for his people in this moment in time because what does the Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. Hallelujah. If you guys read about Job, after he went through the loss, what happened… At the end of Job’s experience, God restored every single thing that Joel lost during the time of his trial and testing. Job got back every single thing that he lost in addition to extra. So God is saying that the time has come in this hour, where many of us are getting ready to go into our Job experiences. For me guys, I am coming out of my Job experience, and I am in position to be able to minister and to encourage those of you. This is why God allowed for this message to wait until now because I am currently seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am seeing a shift. I see myself transitioning. I see my fellow servants of the Lord transitioning. God is saying that he’s going to use his leaders that have come out of their Job experiences. And he’s going to use us to encourage those of you that are getting ready to go into your Job experience.

God is saying that he needs for you to understand that this is something that must take place. Job did not ask for this, but God allowed Satan to attack him. Why? Because it was a setup, hallelujah, for Job to receive full restoration of everything that he lost, in addition to more. God gave Job the ultimate reward after all of this. Job got back so much that he could hardly contain it. He had to share what God gave back to him. God is saying that this Job experience is absolutely necessary for many of you because what God is getting ready to release in your life is going to be so big that there is not going to be enough room to attain it. The Lord says that many of you think that you’re being attacked because of something that you did wrong. God says many of you think that you are up under judgment. Many of you think that the enemy is going to be successful in destroying your ideas, destroying your ministry, destroying your business, everything that God told you that he was going to do through you. Even the assignments that God has assigned to you in this season. It’s not necessarily going the way that you thought that it would go. It looks like your assignments are being attacked. It looks like your progress is going backwards. It looks like the warfare is increasing. It looks like the enemy is prospering. It looks like all you are doing is suffering. It looks like no matter how hard you try, it gets worse and worse and worse, but yet listen to this child of God.

But yet, you have maintained your faith. You have maintained trusting that God is going to do what he said he was going to do. And this is why this is a Job experience for you, child of God. This is why this is a Job experience that you will go into because God says that only the righteous are going to enter into this period. And it’s not because God is trying to make you suffer. It’s not even because you’re being chastised or punished but God is saying that because he sees you as his righteous, God wants to restore everything that the devil stole from you. God wants to give you a double portion. And the only way that God can give you what he wants to give you is that you have to go through this Job experience without complaints. If you read Job eight, you’ll notice that Job didn’t bend. The Bible says that Bildad was the one that counseled Job and Bildad was the one that was thinking that he was defending God by saying to Job that he needed to repent for his sins because he had to have done something wrong. And it’s the reason why he lost his family. He lost his possession. He lost his health. Hallelujah.

But God is saying that although these are the voices that you’re hearing in this time, you’re trying to understand why things are not working out for you. Why are you not getting any better? Why is stuff failing in front of you? And even as people are saying, well, maybe you need to consider your prayer life or maybe you need to consider your relationship with God. The Lord says that this has nothing to do with your relationship with him. But in actuality, this has everything to do with the testing of your faith. God is only going to restore and give back double to those of us that have great faith just like Job. He can’t open up the windows of heaven. He can’t give you what he wants to give you in this way in such a big way to somebody that has little faith or no faith. God sees you as the righteous one and as a result of him believing that you will never curse him, he is allowing the enemy to attack you. That is what you all have been experiencing. That is what I have been experiencing. Praise the Lord. And God sent me to tell you, child of God, he wants you to understand that this is not judgment. You’re not up under judgment. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re not being punished. But in fact, God is taking you through the Job experience.

God is saying that some of you will begin to see how the enemy is going to try to come in and attack you, but it’s not going to be about the attack it’s going to be about how you respond. This is a test, people of God, the same type of tests that God took Job through. That is why the Lord gave me Job eight because he wanted me to bring light and confirmation to your experiences. So the Lord is saying, take this and apply it to your personal life. God says that some of you will know that what you have been through was a Job experience, and God is saying for those of you that have started and will see this as being an attack God is wanting you to understand that the type of attack that this is is God-driven. It is God-ordained. It is purposed for your setup, for the victory. It is purpose for you to receive full restoration and more, double portion. It is purposed for you to receive the wealth of the wicked. That is why the wicked appears to be prospering in front of you right now, because it is that same prospering of the wicked that God is going to give to you, hallelujah, at the end of this Job experience. Praise God.

So God says, take this in stride. God says he has your back. God says he will never leave you nor forsake you. Not one time did God leave Joe or forsake him. He told Satan that he bet not put a finger on Job. You better believe the enemy is not allowed to touch you in a certain way. God is only going to allow Satan to do certain things. The purpose of this is for your faith to be displayed in the presence of the Lord. The purpose of this is for him to brag on you for him to be truthful about the fact that you are his beloved, that you are in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and God wants to reward you for your steadfastness. He wants to reward you for your dedication. He wants to reward you for your obedience to him. You have done everything that God has asked you to do. God has given you assignments. God has given you responsibilities. God has given you things to do and yet things appear to be falling apart. Yet you still feel stuck and you can’t understand why you feel so heavy. You can’t understand why all of these things are happening.

The Lord says this Job experience is all about strengthening your faith. And it’s all about God wanting to release the blessing. It’s all about God wanting you to be in position to receive all that he has for you. God says your latter days are going to be far better than your former. The book of Job, it talks about that. The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life. The Bible says that God restored Job’s fortunes and he restored them in abundance. Hallelujah. The Bible says that God gave Job sheep, lots of sheep, lots of camels, thousands of yolks of oxen, thousands of donkeys, God rewarded Joel abundantly. And I’m saying this guys to paint the picture of the significance of how heavy your abundance is going to be when you get through this Job experience. God wants to give you more than you have ever had in your lifetime, in your latter days. Many of you have been toiling the soil for years. Some of you have been working hard, laboring in the fields with no payment, with no appreciation and all you have been receiving is people coming against you. All you have been receiving is the fact that you’re failing that you’re not making an impact in the kingdom, you’re not making an impact in your family. But God is saying that that could not be further from the truth.

This Job experience that many of us have come out of and that many of you will go into because we are in a period now of transitioning. God is saying that this is the expectation that he wants you to have. He doesn’t want you to see this as an attack from the enemy, but he wants you to see it as an attack for the victory, glory be to God for the blessings that he is going to release into your life. Praise God. It looks like an attack is coming for many of you because that is what’s going to happen. Many of you are getting ready to transition into a Job experience. And my prayer is that now that you have knowledge of what you’ve been through and what you’re getting ready to go through, depending on who you are, that you will have courage and anticipation that if your faith remains in this process in this time in this experience, know that God is going to reward you abundantly. And God is saying that he does not want you to allow people like bill dad to come into your life and lead you to believe that you did something wrong.

This is a testing that no matter what God allows to take place in your life, that your faith will remain strong, that you will not have a desire to curse God, that you will not have a desire to quit, to abandon your assignments, and duties that he has given you, even while you’re going through your Job experience. So God is trying to give you a heads up so that it gives you the necessary tenacity to get through this experience. And God promises you, hey, glory, be to God, to reward you at the end of it all.

Do you hear the word of the Lord?

By: Shaneika Byars Glover (November 8, 2021)

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