Be Prepared! Something Hidden Revealed! ✨ (Prophetic Word: This is a Burden of Exposure Any Day Now)


Video Link: Be Prepared! Something Hidden Revealed! ✨ (Prophetic Word: This is a Burden of Exposure Any Day Now)

Blessings people of God!

I have a quick prophetic word where God wants to give us some insight concerning the heaviness, anxiety, or the feeling that something is coming.

Many of us have been experiencing bouts of silence from God, some of us have been urged to cry for no apparent reason, and some of us have had a desire to pray and intercede for others such as our country, families, and you know, all that we feel led by Holy Spirit to pray for.

People of God, I have been feeling this too and so I asked the Lord if He had anything for me to share with the Church.

And then, God began to give me some insight.

Now Guys, this insight does not pertain to every area of your life or to everything that is happening in the world.

But the Lord is just giving us some insight in particular areas of our lives that many of us need to hear today, Amen


Because God is concerned about the things that make us feel uneasy or fretful.

The bible says is Isaiah 41:13 “For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.


So, God began to say that we as a body of Christ are experiencing a season of exposure, and these exposures are revealing the hidden things in the Church, in our families and in our friendships.

The Lord says, Be prepared for something that has been hidden to be revealed and this exposure will happen any day, or at any given moment.

And God says, when these hidden thigs are revealed, many of us are going to be shocked, some of us are going to be, disappointed, and some of us are gonna feel intensely betrayed.

People of God, exposure is happening everywhere but for this word, God is placing an emphasis on exposures taking place in families (children, spouses, siblings, distant relatives, and the Church).

God is placing an emphasis of insight concerning friendships that have been acquired in the last 5-8 years and in these relationship’s, there are hidden agendas.

God says, not all but 1 or 2 of these friends want to be more like you rather than to be for you.

These friends want to have what you have and in small subtle ways, they have been secretly envious and jealous of you.

God says that many of the leaders that we look up to in ministry or church will also be exposed.

The Lord says, in each one of these relationships, something will be revealed.

God says for a few of you, to be prepared to discover that your children have not been honest with you.

God says for couple of you, be prepared to find out that your spouse, siblings, or distant relatives have been hiding something from you.

For some of us, the Lord says be prepared to find out that somebody in the house of God that you respect to be called out by another that knows the truth about what they have been doing.

God says the reason some of you have been feeling anxious, or crying for no reason, or feeling like something is coming is because you are experiencing the burden of exposure.

The Holy Spirit that is within you is bearing witness to the things that have been hidden and will be revealed.

The Holy Spirit that is within you is grieving because the consequences that are going to come to those that will be exposed will not be easy for them.

God says, the consequences that will come to them will also not be easy for you to watch because you will be shocked, disappointed, or feel betrayed.

My God!

But Guys, as I already posted in the community section of this channel on yesterday.

God always gives us some kind of sign or warning, or He will convict our spirits and allow for us to feel like something is off before the hidden thing is revealed.

And the purpose of God doing this is so we will come to Him and seek revelation concerning our doubts or suspicions, amen?

So God says this:

Beloved, all will not be lost and do not be dismayed when the hidden thing is revealed.


Because I saw your heart concerning these connection and I saw that you were mistaken when you trusted them like you did.

And as a result of this, what was meant for evil, I the Lord your God will turn it around for your Good. (Genesis 50:20)

Take this situation and learn from it and make sure that the next time you feel like something is not right that you come to me and seek my counsel, says the Lord.

And as my word says, do not put all your trust in man but Trust me always, because I will never leave you nor forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5)

I will never betray you but, I will only see to it that you are secure in me, says the Lord. (psalm 146:3)


By: Shaneika Byars (7/26/2021)

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