test word

Blessings People of God!

The Lord says: ” Do not become distant, angry, mad, or bitter because the word did not come to pass in your life.”


Because you are supposed to TEST IT FIRST!

The most basic way to test if a word is for you from God is to ask Him these questions in prayer. Lord, is the word from the woman or man of God, for me?

Lord, can you answer me in a way that I will clearly understand?

After that, WAIT ON GOD TO ANSWER! If the word is from God, it will bare witness to your spirit and bring confirmation.

Or, you may receive confirmation from reading the word of God.

Or, the Lord may use a person to bring confirmation to the word.

How many of you see the common theme here?? 🤔

Its: CONFIRMATION!!!! A Word from the Lord will ONLY CONFIRM what Holy Spirit has already spoken or revealed to you, good or bad!

However… If the opposite is true, and you are skeptical, then SEEK GOD FURTHER to confirm if you should reject the word, okay guys?

Love you all ❤


Written by: (Shaneika Byars Glover 8/28/2021)

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