A hit Dog is gonna Holler! (Prophetic Word: Don’t cast your pearls to swine!) โ˜๐Ÿพ No response needed!


Video Link: A hit Dog is gonna Holler! (Prophetic Word: Don’t cast your pearls to swine!) โ˜๐Ÿพ No response needed!

People of God, this is a quick word. I’m releasing this word for many different reasons, but I believe that this is gonna be applicable to at least one person that watches this. It’s kind of related to a previous word that I released concerning foolishness. The Lord spoke to us and told us that foolishness was not going to prosper in the year of 2022. And the Lord spoke to us about wisdom and about how important it is to exercise wisdom in that we’re seeking the will of God. We’re seeking God’s instructions, his decree, and his commands in our lives at all times, as we are communicating with other people, as we’re carrying out our daily tasks and we’re doing whatever it is that the Lord is allowing for us to do in a day.

As you can see the title of this message, it says a hit dog is gonna holler, and do not cast your pearls to swine. Praise God. And in that video that I did about the wisdom, one of the points in that word was the Lord was telling us as believers, that there are many of people that were going to encounter that are going to not respond to correction. They’re not gonna respond to rebuke. And we’re also gonna encounter people that are just simply not going to like you for whatever reason it may be. We’re gonna encounter people that are jealous. They are hateful individuals because they’re dealing with things in their lives, and you just can’t speak to them. You can’t communicate to them no matter what you say. It doesn’t matter. You can’t get a word in; they won’t communicate with you on an equal ground. And in these instances, God says, when someone rejects you, or when someone rejects something that you say out of your heart and from the word of God and from the spirit of the Lord, and they don’t want to hear it, then you just leave them alone and you keep moving.

But guys, this word is a little bit deeper, you know, in a sense of how we respond to things. The Lord is really wanting to work with the church on how to respond. The Bible speaks about a time to be silent and a time to speak. And I really believe that God is trying to teach his children how to know what to respond to and what not to respond to. And so guys, this video is really going to be gearing more towards what not to respond to. And I really believe that there is someone that is dealing with the situation right now, where something has come across, you found something, you saw something, you saw a correspondence. Somebody told you something, you discovered something and what was said and what was being discussed, or what you saw was a lie. What you saw was not the truth, what you saw didn’t have anything to do with you, what you heard, you couldn’t believe what you heard. And when you discovered this, you recognized that it was done from a spirit of hate. You recognize that it was stated from a spirit of jealousy, a spirit of envy, a spirit of just being mad. And now you are in a place where you want to respond.

And the reason why this correspondence is coming for you, the reason why this message that you saw, the reason why this person told you what was said, and you see that the response has come from this specific entity is because of who you are. Praise God. It’s because of the light that shines in you. It’s because you were not willing to compromise the gospel. It’s because God is with you. It’s because you chose not to do, you chose to take a different direction. It’s because you are humble. It’s because you’re not a troublemaker. It’s because you’re not seeking, praise God, attention for yourself. It is because you are who you are. And God, it is because of the giftings and the anointing that the Lord has placed on your life. It is the way you flow. It is the grace that is upon your life as you are serving God’s people, as you’re serving your family, as you’re serving your coworkers, as you’re serving your supervisors, as you’re serving at your church, as you’re serving at your organization, because of the light that shines through you, because of the words that come out of your mouth by leading of holy spirit, the dog is hit and now it wants to holler.

Remember, when a dog is hit and hollers. What does it mean? It insinuates that the dog feels like there is an accusation that has been placed against him. The dog feels offended. But here is what I want to say to you. God is saying, continue to do what he has called you to do. We need not to respond to slander. We need not to respond to lies. We need not to respond to mockery. We don’t need to respond to the dog that was hit because the Bible says that we need not to avenge ourselves, but that vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. And I shall repay. We simply do not have time to respond to a bunch of foolishness because they are distractions. Praise God. We need not to respond to circumstances that do not fit who we are as people, who we are in Christ. But instead, we are to let our light shine, praise God. We are to continue to walk with the confidence in knowing that we are doing all that God has called us to do.

And also people of God, if you go to the book of Matthew chapter seven, verse six, and I’m gonna paraphrase, it says, do not give which is holy to dogs. Neither cast your pearls before swine. Praise God. What does that mean? It means that not all people are going to be receptive to the truth. Not all people are gonna be receptive to what you have to say. Not all people are gonna be receptive to who you are, your character, the gifts that you carry, the persona that you have, your flow, the way you do things, not everybody is going to be receptive to that, right? Some people are just simply hostile towards that. Some people don’t like it. Some people can’t stand it. Some people are offended by it, praise God. So even though God wants our light to shine in all that we do in this particular text, I believe that while it’s important for our light to shine, it’s equally important for us not to waste our time, to not waste our effort in trying to be committed to people that hate us, in trying to please somebody that dislikes us, in trying to respond to something that somebody else said that is not even the truth, in trying to respond to something that someone has done that has nothing to do with us and trying to vindicate ourselves because of what was said or done by another person or another entity. No, but instead I believe that casting the pearls before the swine is actually a warning, letting us know that it is unwise. It is foolish for us to waste our time in trying to respond to a hit dog. Praise God, praise the living God.

So people of God, once again, the Lord wants us to know that there is a time and there is a place, there is a season in when we should respond and when we should not respond. So for those of you who are planning to plead your case, for those of you who are planning to counteract, for those of you that are planning to come back with an argument, for those of you that are planning to defend yourself, for those of you that are planning to what they would say, cuss somebody out because of what they said because of what they did, the Lord says, do not be deceived. It is a tactic from the enemy, the whole purpose of what you are seeing, the whole purpose of what is coming for you is for you to respond. And God is saying that this is a situation in which you are not to respond. I don’t know who you are, but God says that it will not work. Your counteraction is not gonna work.

The Lord says, bring it to the throne, bring the person to the throne, bring the people to the throne, bring the situation to the throne. And God is saying that he will deal with that. He will handle that. He needs your energy to be focused on his purpose for your life, which is to have peace, to have joy, to carry out the assignments that he’s given you in the kingdom. And to be a blessing to other people. A hit dog is always gonna holler. It’s not your responsibility to respond to it though. As the Bible says, don’t throw your pearls before a swine, let the Lord deal with that. Praise God.

By Shaneika Byars-Glover (January 24, 2022)

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